The Madness of Google

What is Wrong with the Modern World?

Here we are staring at a criminal enterprise, there is no doubt about their guilt, and yet no one can do anything about it because of one simple reason. These people do not live in any country, they do not obey any laws, they do not even have a face or a name. They are simply know as Alphabet.

Now stating that Google is a criminal enterprise is a bit steep isn't it? Well what about the evidence? The simple truth is that we have all the evidence anyone could ever need. And we can prove intent and wilful resistance to being confronted. All of this from a company that makes profit on a level as to be designed for shareholders. What has happened? The whole internet industry has become a machine for profit and it has no other purpose than to pay people who do not work.

And here is the truth. The internet has become a way of separating the wealth from those who work. The vast majority of all wealth is held within share prices now. If you had taken out a mortgage twenty years ago and invested in Google, Apple or Amazon, you would be receiving multi-million dollar dividends annually, for nothing! So we are at a dangerous time. The US/Jewish union of the mid 18th century has reduced work to being close to slavery now for the vast majority of people. A job in an Amazon fulfilment centre is very close to being a robot, and the feeling of working their is pretty close to that too.

As a result of all of this, there is one thing that has become non-existent with this trillion dollar companies. Customer service. They cannot afford to hear what people think, as it just does not fit in with their delusional self image. these people walk about thinking to themselves that they are making the world a better place, when they are closer to enslaving it. They simply do not want to read reports concerning how many people in countries other than the US just want Google to leave so that they can have their own industries and companies. Everyone has been robbed of their industry by a country that used two World Wars to destroy the wealth and health of Europe, Japan and the Middle East. Now we are all just paying interest on a loan we didn't take out.

As a result of all of this, greed has become the most dangerous disease on planet Earth. It is a virus far more destructive than laziness, which is quite often misidentified depression. The greed of a company like Google is where the modern day scammer can be found. Here are a few examples:

 If this wasn't bad enough, Google are actually reproducing their scam for them:

BitQT is a scam. Not only is it a scam, it is a ridiculous one. There is no possible way that BitQT could ever do what they claim as it would make money worthless instantly. What would be the point of a shopkeeper selling anything if they could just use BitQT to make money while they sleep? They would be better off holding on to the stock as they will need it now that an auto-trading robot has destroyed the premise of capitalist society.

Now the above screens show two types of information. Firstly they show paid ads that Google enter the 'conspiracy to defraud' criminality by accepting and displaying, and the second, a function derived and designed by Google for no reason other than to display misinformation. This is not a service, it is simply a feature Google has added in order to deceive the public and increase their shareholder pay-outs. They really have become greedy to that extent.

Now how could Google be expected to verify every ad?

In our humble opinion this question is quite simply ridiculous. They are taking the money. It is that simple. If they take the money they have to check the ad. They can afford to check the ad, they just don't want to. Economies of scale cannot be allowed to jeopardise integrity of information or these companies will lose all sense of responsibility and begin perverting the minds of our children to feast their greed upon, if they haven't already.

More profit means more money for customer service and these people offer none. We have reported hundreds of ads to Google and they just reappear moments later. A huge part of the scammer mindset is using Google, Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot to give them a platform to commit frau from. These names give them an integrity that allows them to defraud on a scale that would be impossible without the wilful assistance of the internet giants. They advertise every scam going. Just try searching for Brexit Millionaire, Immediate Edge, BitQL, Quantum AI and they even advertise the scammer recovery companies trying to get a second bite under the same keywords. There is no way that they do not know.

Is Their Mission Statement a Smokescreen?

'Don't be Evil' Is it all a sham? Well it would certainly appear so. There is no excuse for their involvement in these scams, no matter what they claim.