Who are  ?


Now perhaps we are just becoming suspicious, but we were contacted by these people today:



Sender: [email protected] - no surname

Subject: your difficulties with ********

Hi Recipient,

You contacted us (did we?) regarding the difficulties you are having with *******.  I tried calling you at (442) 034-587634 , but I think it might be a wrong number.
Please forward me your telephone number and I'll call you to discuss your issue with Clearsave.

Website: | Email[email protected]

(USA)  | (UK) is owned by MBC Holdings, LLC, USA.



Now a lot of the affiliate recovery sites link to the trader defender site. This is an odd form of advertising for a company that purports to prevent people from getting ripped of by affiliate scams, and then operates an affiliate system through multiple websites pretending to be something they are not. That sounds like they might be....hey...wait a minute!

 use G Suite as their email, nothing odd about that... 

Now a lot of these traders are an offshore registered company in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and have no reason to even open an email from (who presumably have already failed to defend their clients) so the question begs - can you really get your money back if it has been sent overseas to scammers?

Firstly, we should see what sort of service we get on the website at before we cast any judgement:

OK so there is no service as such, they just want details so that they can start emailing or phoning you, which is understandable as they obviously are a paid service and so want to get paid before they start.

There is a big button at the top saying Free Online Consultation so let's try that:

OK so it is not an online consultancy at all, just another way of harvesting your detail so that they can email you or call you constantly. This is starting to look a little one-sided in terms of what they are trying to achieve. 

Let us find them geographically, they claim to be here: is owned by MBC Holdings, LLC, USA.

Address: MBC Holdings LLC
867 Boylston Street
5th Floor
Boston, MA, US 02116

Tel UK: 44 (0) 1518081109
Tel USA: 1-617-982-166

We did contact this address and they are indeed a mailbox services client of the Idea Space building there. This presumably means that they get their mail forwarded to another address, so as to have a place of business, like many companies do. It would also mean that they have no staff onsite if so.

Let us try and find mention of them incorporated in the US. They do not mention which state they are incorporated in, which is pretty vital, although the majority of US companies are incorporated in Delaware, some prefer Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming (where there is no personal or corporate income tax) Florida or Montana.

There seems to be an MBC Holdings LLC incorporated in many states:

There seem to be duplicate names in Canada and Australia also.

Obviously it is a popular combination of letters.

There does not seem to be a MBC Holdings in Massachusetts and so we would advise caution here. This company appears to be only a shell with deliberate misdirection obvious within the site. There is no real information on the site and the claims they make are poorly defined and brash.

The affiliates linking to this site tend to be automated, contact harvesting algorithms feigning personality. This is another sign of deception and as such, a sign that this company operates methods that are not to be trusted.

We recommend going to your bank and getting them on the case or, failing that,  asking a solicitor/lawyer if they think they can bring a case against the bank on a no-win, no-fee basis. That may encourage the bank to think again.

If you have suddenly made an uncharacteristic withdrawal or transfer then they do have some obligation to be making enquiries before authorising the trade. You do pay for those services after all.