Bitcoin Banner / Banner Code

We have yet another Bitcoin boiler room scam to report, Bitcoin Banner or Banner Code, depending on which part of the page you take to be correct.

What is Bitcoin Banner / Banner Code / ?

It is a brand name used for highly questionable advertising by affiliate groups promoting boiler room scams.

What is a 'boiler room' scam?

A boiler room scam is someone who pretends to be a broker for a product like CFDs or ForEx but is registered outside of any territory where it is marketed. As such the broker is not under any obligation to act within any regulations of the territories in which the brokers customers' live. this in turn means that they do not have to refund or return any funds regardless of what the customer feels should be the case, as the broker is untraceable, as they have not had to register with someone like the FCA. In other words, they can do anything they like and you cannot get back your deposit.

How Does Banner Code Fit In?

Banner Code is an idea, a trick. It is not a real product and you will not be able to find any company registered in that name. Banner Code is one of the many fake brand names invented by boiler room scammers that is then provided to affiliates around the world. They affiliates then receive fees based upon how many victims the boiler rooms scammers are provided with by these affiliates.

How Do They Scam You?

The affiliates run various scams like Bitcoin Banner from a single site, such as with who run various fake Bitcoin and Crypto trader sites that all have one goal - to get your phone number and email address. Once they have that data, you are forwarded to the boiler room site and they call you to start explaining how you should invest your money. They will tirelessly encourage you, with much force, to deposit as much money as they can, and you will see this money appear on the interface you are provided with by the boiler room scammer, but there is a problem. The screen you are looking at is fake. It is not an interface at all, just a screen with numbers. They will make the fake balance increase in the hope that you will keep depositing your money until they are sure that you have no more. Once you have been 'rung dry' they will shut down the phone numbers and stop calling you. Then you will start to realise you have lost your money.

Here is a quick example of how you are forwarded to the boiler room scams once your data has been entered:

As you can see they send you straight to: to get you to start depositing money immediately.

Can I get My Money Back from Bitcoin Banner?

No, you cannot get it back, but if you deposited money using your bank card or by transfer then you may be able to get your bank to perform a chargeback. This is unlikely to affect the scammers, who have made their money, but the bank may be insured or able to reverse the charge from the receiving bank if you can provide evidence of a scam.

Can A Recovery Company Get My Money Back?

No, they cannot. They are a company that provides a service of collecting information and providing it ti your bank. They cannot do anything that you cannot do. They are just another way of losing money online.

Where Has My Money Gone?

In all probability it has gone to several places. It has most likely been converted to crypto and moved across a few currencies to muddy the water and prevent you tracing it easily. The wallet the money was originally transferred into is likely to have been used only once and will never be used again. The money is divided up between the affiliates who caught you with Bitcoin Banner, the boiler room brokers themselves, and the people who write the software and do the marketing. Many of the companies that operate these scams have phone-based staff in your own country. The UK, Australia, Canada and Italy are popular scam targets. Many of the website codes appear to originate from Russia and far Eastern Europe, but this may just be the developers they use.

Here is the site: 

It has the same images and same fonts and logos ideas as pretty much every other Bitcoin XXXXX scam as it is proliferated by the same people with the same aim. They are simply coming up with another Bitcoin XXXXX brand name/campaign to try and defraud people who have already been warned about the other brand names and campaigns.

As you can see from the video, this is the same old promise of free money:

OK so it is the usual story. Complete lies from the beginning about who anyone is and what has happened to them. None of these stores are true and the narrator is just an actor reading a script. It is nonsense. Then we are presented with the fake testimonials that are always part of these videos and we constantly see the domain at the bottom of the screen.

It is important to note that if I gave you a piece of software that just made you money constantly that your state of mind regarding such software would be one of privacy, of hiding, of paranoia. If everyone gets the software then everyone will have so much money that it will make no difference, so you would have to keep the existence of such a software a secret. You would certainly not open a website and try to persuade people to download it as some sort of test, you can test it quite happily yourself by making money quietly.

No, the only reason you would proliferate such an idea, is if disseminating this website or software was what made you the money. If the money people were investing was actually money you were receiving, and they were losing out.

This is what a scam is, a promise of wealth to trick you into giving away your money.

Banner is one thing and one thing only.