Bitcoin Alliance Review

What is Bitcoin Alliance?

Well let's take a look at this rather fancy website:


OK so it is a trading platform that enables developer solutions, but isn't that what MT5 is? When they use the word trading now it seems to include spread betting and CFD/options trading, which doesn't actually involve the buying or selling of anything.

They do mention the crypto market repeatedly, but what exactly are we going to be trading, if anything at all?

Well they also ask: "Why Choose Bit-Exchange?" Which is concerning. The last thing you want when it comes to investment is any ambiguity about where the money is going, and they just changed the product/company name without warning. This is a big red flag and means we must show caution when looking at this site.

They go on: "Investments and employment of the Blockchain Technologies. Optimize your business case with blockchain technology and Smart Contracts."

Well smart contracts sounds like another word for CFDs to us, which means that you will be trading futures and options which is you are in the US or Canada is illegal and illegal even to solicit to citizens of those countries. This is another big red flag!

If we click on the Teams' page we see something truly disturbing:

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod
tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua."

Now this is Latin and used to check spacing and fonts type on a page. This website is a cheap template that has been thrown together and not checked. This is no company to invest in, it is almost certainly a scam. This is a huge red flag!

Finally the address in Manhattan given at the bottom of the page has a Swiss phone number.

I think we can pass a verdict now:


Do not invest any money with this company