Review - Fake?

More sites based on fake reviews for Bitcoin Code scammers.

This site appears to be a clone of the site.

It uses the same code but with a few different images.

The system is the same - certain adverts lead to certain landing pages that promote scams whilst the home page promotes normal traders. Here are the adverts they were using on Google:

Bitcoin Code Review - Know Your Facts -
Curious About Bitcoin Code. Here's Where To Start. Read Unbiased Reviews Of Bitcoin Code. Make Safe Investment Decisions. Hot Investment Options. 14M Users Worldwide. Super Simple Investing. No Hidden Fees. Friendly UK Advisors. Beginner Friendly.
Leads to This link: as you can see by the URL itself, is purposely pointing at a page for the bitcoin code:

Whilst the normal home page points at:


Which is a trader that gets a lot of bad reviews online, but is at least regulated in Europe and the US.

Now the link to Bitcoin Code takes you to: which may well mean that what has happened here is that another fake news merchant is trying to move in on the guide patch. They seem to be operating the same model. Take a copy of the bitcoin code, bitcoin profit etc. and put links to a personal server with a vaguely investment-related name, then use that server to forward people on to offshore unregulated trader scammers.