Crypto Genius Scam

The Crypto 'Genius' Scam

Geniuses Need Not Apply

To our tired old eyes, this is obviously just the Bitcoin Era website all over again, they had even neglected to change the name of the logo from 'Bitcoin Era Logo'

The scam is to harvest details to pass on to off shore CFD spread betting bookmakers who then terrorise people by phone until they have lost all of their money through 'legal' CFD (contracts for differences) spread betting.

Here is a version of the Crypto Genius site.


The latest Crypto Genius site we have seen, although there are many, is at: which you can see below:

As you can see the videos are increasing in quality and believability as time goes by, indicating exactly how much money there is to be made from forwarding unsuspecting victims to these broker scammers. The frequency at which these people are being defrauded is phenomenal and the number of sites in the game now, many called exactly the same thing, is also shocking. Whether you are talking about Bitcoin Loophole or Bitcoin Trader or Immediate Edge or Brexit Millionaire there are probably at least five of each, being operated by someone or other. We do not know if they are all under one umbrella, or in competition (although from the way they compete at Google Ads, we suspect the latter) but one thing is certain, they are becoming too big to not be noticed by the FBI/SFO for much longer.

The real question is, do any of these organisations care or even have jurisdiction over these offshore scammers? It is safe to say that they are definitely operating their own operations rather than being too concerned about what happens to the man on the street any longer. We do need to face up to the fact that the world has revealed itself for what it really is - madness!

The internet is within no one's ability to investigate or legislate. There are no physical boundaries, no legal comebacks, there are even any rules about where data is kept any more. Legal companies are hit hard whilst bad players - especially the big ones - just keep getting greedier and greedier, and bigger and bigger. 

Our current advice is to move to New Zealand or Australia (somewhere remote) and disconnect from the phone, computer, television and radio and just live a decent life, because such a thing has long since left here.

There isn't really that much actual information on this site. Just the video:

And then a lot of nonsense about various shop assistants and Uber drivers that now make $131,587 every time they eat breakfast, the usual. Big red flag!

It has all been shown on CNN Money and BBC News too, which is odd if they're advertising it. You would've thought that magic amazingness like this would be so popular from that exposure that there was no chance of getting ' beta spot.' There wouldn't be, of course. This is a massive red flag!

The website looks better, the video plays better, the result hurts just as much as ever.


Do not send any money or your contact details these slimy scumbags!