Tesla Coin

Tesla Coin What is Tesla Coin? Should I Invest in Tesla Coin? Is Tesla Coin Connected to Tesla Autom

Tesla Coin

What is Tesla Coin?

Tesla coin is a fake cryptocurrency scam from various scam websites across FaceBook, Twitter and Google. They use the Facebook advertising to show pictures of Elon Musk to pretend that Tesla have released a new cryptocurrency because Elon Musk is connected with Bitcoin in the news. The scammers are trying to use this association to pretend that Tesla have released a coin and that it will be a good investment.

Tesla Coin does not exist!

Should I Invest in Tesla Coin?

You cannot invest invest in Tesla Coin because it does not exist. If you deposit your money into one of the offshore scammers sites connected wit these fake news scam campaigns, you will never see it again.

All of their images and ads are a lie:

As you can see they have missed the C in Miracle

Is Tesla Coin Connected to Tesla Automobiles or Elon Musk

No the Tesla Coin scam is perpetrated by someone called COONV.XYZ which is obviously a throwaway domain registered in an obscure country or registrar and is hidden by masking proxy services such as cloudflare to make finding the real owners as difficult as possible. This is so that they can defraud people and escape without detection. That way they can just set-up a new scam and carry on defrauding people online.

How do I Buy Tesla Coin?

You cannot buy Tesla Coin, it does not exist. It is a scam designed to associate your trust in recognised products with a fake news campaign and make you part with your money before you realise it is a scam.

Is Tesla Coin Worth Anything?

No it does not exist. Just because you pay for something does not mean it has value. If you have parted with money on a Tesla Coin site you need to contact your bank immediately and get them to perform a Charge Back on the transaction so that your money is returned. Your bank can do this and you will just need to keep pressuring them. You do nto need an external service or agency to do this, your bank are the only people that can recover the money.

What is the Connection Between Elon Musk and Tesla Coin?

There is no connection whatsoever unless you count stealing the name as a connection, but since Tesla Coin does not exist it is not really a connection. Elon Musk has invested in Bitcoin but is not planning to create a separate currency as it would devalue the Bitcoin through the assumption that he is moving out and that would hurt Tesla. 

Why do Facebook Advertise Fake Coins?

Facebook seem to have become the easiest advertising platform for scammers to use as they do not seem to monitor their ads at all. The scammers are by far the biggest investors in Facebook ads and the site has become a liability for young users and people suffering from financial difficulty. Our advice is not to use Facebook until they clean up their advertising standards.

What can I do to Keep Safe From Facebook Ads?

Do not use the Facebook site until they have sorted this out. The ads of these scams are everywhere on FaceBook making it one of the most dangerous sites to browse on all of the web. Until FaceBook have sorted out the Ads scammers, you are far better off not doing any social media, and if you do, be sure to warn all of your friends and family about these ads and report them to Facebook using the 'report this ad' links on FaceBook.

Here is an example of their scam sites:

Tesla Ad Campaigns do not miss the first letter of their advert when going to print...

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