Who are

Well, according to some, this is the best way to recover from fraud:

Now from their rather odd name, we are instantly on high alert. just sounds like the only domain with chargeback on the end that hadn't been taken, and that is not a good sign. Let's have a look at their online reputation:


OK so what we see here is a new website that may be being corrupted by scammers, This is a site that you can start leaving comments on without any verification of who you are in any way, just like This means that there is a possibility that is being used as a tool to help defrauding people just like TrustPilot is. 

Let's have a look at the post and who is posting it..

Well the first thing that we notice is that recovery companies are everywhere on this site. Every time a question is asked about anything to do with scams, every recovery company you've never heard of has been recommended to some by 'a neighbour' which seems unlikely unless you live on a very long street. This website is another unreliable source when it comes to finding your way out of a scam - these blighters seem to be everywhere.

Scamadviser has nothing on them at all but seems to rate them as very dubious in terms of age of site and incoming links etc.

Their own site is also very dubious, when we look at their 'spotters' page we can see that they have listed no scams at all:

Let's see if they can tell us who and where they are.

They have some contact details: +1 (925) 526-0135 [email protected] but nothing that couldn't be redirected anywhere in the world. No address, no state even, and no company registration number or tax details. This is a huge red flag for someone claiming to be a financial investigator as they would need to know their responsibilities inside and out and would be especially nervous about being had up on legal matters as it would destroy their reputation.

They are behind CloudFlare which can be a bad sign, as it means that they are the subject of repeated attacks. 

How about their T&Cs page?

Oh dear, it is still the latin template text - this is more than a gigantic red flag, it is a sure sign that this website is BS.

Verdict time..


Do not deal with this company under any circumstances!