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What is the Prime Advantage Scam?

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The Prime Advantage scam is quite simply the relaunch of the Immediate Edge scam. It is an attempt to re-use all of the effort and money spent into creating the Immediate Edge scam and make it live a little longer now that everyone knows that Immediate Edge is a scam. All of the boiler room scammers and affiliate network scammers that have spent time writing fake news articles and posting fake reviews of Immediate Edge have realised that they want more money for their historical efforts, but that there is no way to reanimate Immediate Edge. Everyone that hasn't realised that the whole concept is obvious nonsense has at least heard the name and realised that it is a scam. So what can they do? Well, easy! They make up another name that means exactly the same thing and re-use all of the scammer marketing to defraud another echelon of novice traders with the Prime Advantage scam. 

The Prime Advantage Website seen at today. (

So What Was Immediate Edge?

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Immediate Edge was, and still is a scam used by boiler room scammers to defraud people.

The premise is very simple.

Take an unbelievable idea, an idea that will make people rich without any effort, studying, knowledge, skill or luck. An idea so preposterous that only the young will believe it; but they will believe it. They will believe it because it is made to sound so fantastic that it could not possibly be a lie. How could anyone lie about such a fantastic thing? Surely they would never get away with that! 

Well here is part of the problem. You see all these people that wonder around the UK making lots of noise and fining people on the news all the time. Well they have no ability to deal with the internet because it has no real governing body. If a company is registered in St Vincents and the Grenadines, then they have to operate within the laws of that territory. You cannot prosecute them for something that a UK citizen signed up for and lost all of their money on. That is not how international law works. If they write on the disclaimers at the bottom of their site that it is your responsibility to make sure that these products are legal from wherever you are browsing from, how can they be held accountable? They cannot necessarily tell where you are signing on from, and it is your responsibility when entering into an agreement anyway.

So What is the Prime Advantage Idea?

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Well it is one of the oldest confidence tricks in the world. It is a get rich quick scheme.

So what is a get rich quick scheme? Well, simply put, it is a way of suggesting that you can get money for free. Now this is something we are always reading about in the media or seeing on television or in the cinema. It sort of makes capitalism OK if we all believe that we can get rich quick all of the time. That is why we put up with being slaves to shareholders who do no work. They constantly tell us that we could become one of them.

In reality it is far more difficult. But a con-artist takes advantage of this dream that your heart has been repeatedly sold. It takes advantage of the fact that somewhere inside of us all, we still believe we can be a success! So they sell you the idea of something that can make anybody rich with no prospects or hope. They sell them the idea of the auto-trading robot.

Scammer Registration Form

Even when you scroll away from the page you are urged once  more to enter your details...

What is an Auto-Trading Robot?

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Well it is a wonderful idea, it really is! The idea that using artificial intelligence, a robot could learn the unfathomable trends of the stock and currency markets in a way that a human never could, and become capable of predicting that market with an incredible level of accuracy. #it goes without saying that this would be an unbelievable development. Well, actually, no, not quite. It is not completely unbelievable or we wouldn't have to warn people about it. The dream of riches we are all sold keeps these ideas alive. What it really is, in modern parlance, is a confidence trick, con or scam.

Now just to be clear, a confidence trick is a trick to misguide your confidence in something. It is designed to take you so far away from the truth that you cannot believe that the truth is real long enough for you to be robbed or defrauded. It really is that simple. That is why we have regulation on advertising and marketing. Because lies are far more powerful than the truth. You can take everything from a man and his family with lies. It is not so easy with the truth.

What's the Point of the Deception?

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The idea is to get you signed up with an offshore, unregulated broker who will attempt to defraud you out of your money. The concept is that you deposit your money under the belief that you will make money due to the adverts that you have read concerning these magic auto-trader bots, and they then use the idea of CFD (contracts for differences) trading to make you think you lost your money fair and square, when in fact the chances are that all of the trading was just a front. The real truth is that they just transferred your money into crypto -currency and whisked it off somewhere, never to be seen again, whilst you looked at a graph moving up and down that meant absolutely nothing. The trading screen was just there to buy time whilst they made their getaway.

So Is Prime Advantage Real?

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It is a real scam, of course, you can lose all of your money by believing in it. But if you are asking is it a real software or product, then no. Prime Advantage is not a real auto-trading robot. There is no software called Prime Advantage that can do what the Prime Advantage websites claim. There is no software that makes you rich available for free to the public. The Prime Advantage websites are designed to get you to type in your phone number and nothing more. The fraudulent idea of the app is the only real part of this scam.

What Can I Do to Avoid these Scams?

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Never ever believe anyone that tells you that there is a time limit in order to sign up for something. This is a sure sign that scammers are involved. The panic they try to induce so as to make you sign-up to something you have not properly researched is their favourite tool to begin a deception with. No site that says, hurry at the top is worth reading.

Always remember the value of money. If you can get money without any skill. luck, work or heavy investment of money or some other commodity, then something is seriously wrong. The situation that this type of offer is suggesting means that money is not worth anything when clearly it is. if they are offering free money then it is a scam. Stay away!

Check the reviews of any of these software apps that you are reading. Where are they? What is the site domain name? Can you find a review of that software on the Economist or in the Financial Times? There are many fake review sites around now, and many of them are run by the scammers themselves. If we perform a search for 'Prime Advantage' on Google, we can see the sites straight away:

Prime Advantage Search on Google

As you can see they all ask the same question - is it a scam? Would you ask that question about or eToro? No, because they are an obviously true company that can be verified quickly and easily. Prime Advantage are just an idiot scam site designed to defraud people who do not examine pages closely. These fake review sites are just hoping that no, it's not a scam will be enough to push those people panicking about missing their chance over the precipice and that they will sign-up before they realise what they are doing.

Why is Prime Advantage Available in the UK?

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Well many of these scams appear to originate in the UK. Finixio are registered as a UK company and they are responsible for a huge portion of the websites that publish many of these fake reviews.