Bitcoin Solution - BS

This new site appears to operate in various different modes.

From what we can see there are definitely the following, and maybe more:

  • Total BS
  • Complete BS
  • Utter BS
  • Pure BS

We will keep you informed in case we see any others.

Firstly, let's have a look at this new BS site:

Here is the new site:

Is Bitcoin Solution BS?

Well immediately we can see that these people specialise in pure BS. There is definitely a lot of total BS here too. Some of the more financially aware will be able to spot trader BS, get rich quick BS, broker BS, and of course cryptocurrency BS along with Bitcoin BS.

Is Bitcoin Solution Similar to other Bitcoin Autotrader BS?

This is quite a terse site compared to may of the new BS sites. There is not much information and the code of the website itself has references to Bitcoin Rush BS which may indicate that it is actually an old Bitcoin Rush site rebranded to be Bitcoin Solution BS. 

Can I make Money with Bitcoin Solution?

Bitcoin Solution certainly makes the same claims as Bitcoin Rush. That they analyse the cryptocurrency markets and use algorithms to calculate how to make money and from historical trends BS can predict what the future holds with incredible accuracy. It is definitely BS. There is not such thing as an autotrading robot that is likely to make you money available on the market for free. Remember this is not just a Bitcoin Solutions, it is actually BS. So no, you can't make money with this nonsense.

What is Bitcoin Solution?

Bitcoin Solution is BS. Pure BS. Total and utter BS. In fact it is so BS that it does not actually exist. The people promoting BS are so full of BS that they have actually created Bitcoin Solution out of pure BS. Once you take away all of the BS there is nothing left. What the heck am I talking about? Well Bitcoin Solution is an advertising campaign. An illusion. A trick. It has not substance or presence in the real world. It is an idea that is used to fool you into embarking on a journey of lies. There is no trading, there is no market, there is no profit. Bitcoin Solution is like an electric fly catcher. It attracts those who will believe it can help them, and then it gives them a really awful shock.

Is there a Bitcoin Solution Website?

No. What will happen when you fill in the form is that you will be redirected to an offshore, unregulated, boiler room scam, and you will be magically registered with their website. This is a sure sign that something is badly wrong. No broker would want just anyone signing up. They require passport details, proof that you are legally old enough to trade. They also need proof that you are who you say you are, and that you are not a criminal. If they are signing you up without these confirmations then they are likely criminals themselves.

Do I Need Any Experience?

Anyone telling you that no experience is required when it comes to making money is a liar. Of course you need experience otherwise you will just lose all of your money to trader who have more experience. Trading is a bit like a multiplayer computer game. When you sign-up you get pummelled by the pros for ages until you find a quiet place to start understanding how it works and even then you get killed all the time. Trading is the same thing, except with more motivation, as the prizes are real. Any platform that uses the dreaded words No prior experience is required and it is suitable for all levels, complete beginners and experienced traders as well is a boiler room scam. It is that simple.

Is Bitcoin Solution a Scam Then?

Yes, that is one way of describing it. It is a mechanism of attracting you into a state of mind whereby you are willing to transfer a lot of money into cryptocurrency in order to 'deposit' into an account. Once they have your name and number, the boiler room terrorists descend. They bully and distress you into depositing a large sum of money, $5000 say. Then they transfer that money, often using your computer remotely, into cryptocurrency in a temporary wallet, whereby they transfer it into various other wallets until it becomes untraceable. When they sell it and keep the money.

How Does Bitcoin Trading Fit In?

It doesn't, not really. They give you a fake screen with a fake balance of $5000 to keep you busy while they disappear, change the company name and the website, and then start all over again to trap the next fly. In the meantime you are transferring phantom amounts around in what is known as CFDs and the withdrawal system never seems to work. You are told it takes 48 hours but it will never give you your money back. Eventually the website stops working and the phone number is disconnected. Are you starting to see the business model yet?

If I Have Already Sent Money, Can I Get it Back?

No, is the simple answer, not without having some friends in MI6 and GCHQ who can track them down, take them out to sea on a boat, and torture them into transferring the money back. Even then they mighty struggle. You may be able to reverse card transaction with what is know as a ChargeBack. This is a process whereby you make a case with your bank that you have been scammed and they reverse the card transaction. It is a matter between you and your bank and no one else.

Should I Use a ChargeBack Company?

No. There is no reason to pay out more money than you have already. You will not easily find the culprits and so the money cannot be returned, but the bank, if you take the time to show that you were deceived, can return the money to you by reversing the card transaction. Recovery companies are generally just a way of the scammers getting a second bite and do nothing more than help you assemble the case. For this they often charge thousands of dollars. This is effectively a scam by contract, very similar to the boiler room scammers tactics.

What Should I Do Then?

If you think you might like the world of trading, read some reviews of books on Goodreads or Amazon regarding MT4 and MT5 trading. Once you have found a good book, read it. Makes notes on each chapter and then write yourself a series of advise and points that will be tantamount to making your first trades. Then sign up for a demo account with a reputable MT4 or MT5 broker registered in your won country or territory that you have an address you can verify in person or on Google Maps. Go online on a trader forum and get some advice about the broker themselves and what sort of trading other people are doing. When you are confident at using your demo account and start to feel like you can make a real trade, start with a tiny amount of money. Make sure you understand the deposit and withdrawal process with tiny amounts. Once you start to get the hang of making a profit with a few pounds, euros or dollars, you can be more certain you can risk bigger stakes.

Trading is Risky! Be Careful! Do Not Believe a Single Source of Info. Get Verification from Other Sources Whenever You Can!