Profit Edge Scam - What is it?

Profit Edge Scam is a site posing as an automatic trading robot which is really just to get your phone number so that scammers can terrorise you by phone.  They do this with a plague of phone calls demanding money be 'invested' on their hooky, offshore unregulated broker scam. The profit edge site is interested in getting the $700 USD commission for setting you up with the boiler room scam.

Stock Photo Person on Profit Edge Onine

So in reality, the profit edge software does not actually exist. It is a front for a group of companies that operate offshore selling CFD 'trading'  which is similar to spread betting, and it is operated offshore in less regulated nations. CFD 'trading' houses are illegal in the US and this spread-betting type activity carries a huge risk. 80% of retail CFD traders lose money, often all of it. You can even lose money you did not bet thanks to leveraged speculation, it is a very dangerous game!

Who Are Profit Edge?

According to Google, the company operates out of a North London building:

Profit Edge

Finance broker in London, England
Located in: North London Business Park
Address: Building 3, Oakleigh Rd S, London N11 1NP
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 020 8368 9734
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Amazon Stocks
Canadian Dollar
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[Official Website 2021] Financial Peak
"Thank you Profit Edge for this opportunity to make money from my home."
Madison Booth
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"From the process, to the accessibility of staff, it’s all spot on."
From Profit Edge
"【Official Website 🥇】Profit Edge is a completely utilitarian stocks robot made to trade computerized monetary standards utilizing imaginative calculations. The Profit Edge innovation has been presented utilizing the most advanced programming...


So as you can see it all seems very legitimate according to Google. So let's do a little digging. Firstly, let's try the address and phone number. 

The first thing to notice is that the number is not for profit edge at all, it is the building reception number, and no one was available to take our call when we rang, so we couldn't ask about profit edge and whether they were a tenant or not. The address in question does not have any listings for a profit edge company on any of their websites.

So what about the profit edge website, what can that tell us?

Let's register so that we can see what happens:

So as you can see, you do not even register with the local site for some reason, you are actually sent to which then sends you to where you are signed up with the broker which seems to be connected to all of these boiler room sites at the moment.

The URL redirect actually contains all of the details for your sign-up: 

  • intgrtn_clickID=[email string]
  • intgrtn_custom1=Mike
  • intgrtn_custom2=[name string]
  • intgrtn_custom3=R
  • intgrtn_custom4=Profit+Edge
  • country=GB
  • intgrtn_redirectReturningLead=auto
  • intgrtn_lpType=currency

So as you can see the alleged broker site is given all of your details, including that you came from a Profit Edge site. The Profit Edge site is just a marketing campaign trying to sign you up with a broker, and that broker then enrols you in an account without even checking your real name. This is not a broker to be trusted, they should be asking for photo id of your address before even entertaining the idea of you as a trader. This is a massive red flag!

See the original website here:


And you can find out about Profit Edge 2021 here.

Some links seem to indicate some affiliation with: such as for some of their images.

They also use the scammer referral site: for their favicon. Obviously they are getting sick of making a new site every time and are just using the same referral and image store for all of their sites now.

Can I really Make £250 to £1400 per Day With Profit Edge?

No, of course you can't. That would be stupid. How could you make back the investment on the same day? Why wouldn't you invest £10m and take over the world by the end of the month? These promises are not the promises of a business or individual that can be held accountable for their actions. It must be an offshore, unregulated scammer, or they would have to answer for these ridiculous promises and would end up in court. As we saw above, the broker you are likely to be registered with while using this Profit Edge site is a broker that is unreliable and unaccountable for their actions, and maybe even a false front for a cryptocurrency scam. Some of these brokers just show a page that appears to be a trading app when it is actually just a screen designed to keep you waiting while they run off with your cash.

Some of these websites, ostensibly operated by real brokers, will let you invest without asking any questions. You then spend a few weeks looking at an interface with all sorts of leveraged odds on CFDs for various cryptocurrencies and ForEx markets, which seems to be making money of its own accord. This is a trick. They use the idea of auto-trading robots to persuade you to deposit everything that you have. Once they are sure that they have everything you have saved, they start to shut down their operation. The numbers they have been calling from begin to disconnect. The emails start bouncing back. If you manage to login and try to withdrawal, the system just keep asking you for more and more documentation, such as passports and driving licenses (which they will use to make counterfeit versions from) and eventually you will realise there is no way to withdrawal. This is the boiler room scam.

I've Signed-up With Profit Edge - What Should I Do?

If you give these people your phone number then you will need to change your number. They do not stop calling, these people are desperate and often in deeper financial trouble than you. They are calling from a frightening environment and are pushed extremely hard to get their commission. The gambling losses on spread betting go straight to the bookmaker rather than into shares and so the bookmakers are very demanding of their staff to get them to produce results. They will not stop once you have paid your $250, they will ask for $30k - that is thirty-thousand dollars pure profit if they get the right person on the phone, so you can imagine how desperate these people can become. Once they have been doing it long enough, they may very well start their own CFD trading company, as they have been rinsed of all empathy by the time they have completed their term.

You can find out about Profit Edge 2021 here.