Profit Edge Scam - Spread betting CFD/ForEx Scam


Profit Edge Scam is another front posing as an automatic trading robot which is really just a way of getting your number so that scammers seeking commission can terrorise you with a plague of phone calls demanding money be 'invested' on their hooky, offshore spread betting scam.

Stock Photo Person on Profit Edge Onine

This software does not actually exist. It is a front for a group of companies that operate offshore selling CFD 'trading' or spread betting as it is better known, it is operated offshore.  CFD 'trading' houses are illegal in the US and spread-betting carries a huge risk. 80% of retail spread betters lose money, often all of it. You can even lose money you did not bet, it is a very dangerous game!

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And you can find out about Profit Edge 2021 here.

Some links seem to indicate some affiliation with: such as for some of their images.

They also use the scammer referral site: for their favicon. Obviously they are getting sick of making a new site every time and are just using the same referral and image store for all of their sites now.

If you give these people your phone number then you will need to change your number. They do not stop calling, these people are desperate and often in deeper financial trouble than you. They are calling from a frightening environment and are pushed extremely hard to get their commission. The gambling losses on spread betting go straight to the bookmaker rather than into shares and so the bookmakers are very demanding of their staff to get them to produce results. They will not stop once you have paid your $250, they will ask for $30k - that is thirty-thousand dollars pure profit if they get the right person on the phone, so you imagine see how desperate these people can become. Once they have been doing it long enough, they may very well start their own CFD trading company, as they have been rinsed of all empathy by the time they have completed their term.

You can find out about Profit Edge 2021 here.