What is the deal with this site exactly?

Are they actually taking fees for redirecting people to Bitcoin Trader? They claim that UK residents are not eligible for accessing these crypto robots, and they review many, but what happens if you are not from the UK? We must conduct as test.

Firstly then, let's have a look at the website from the UK browser we have here, and then from a German connection:

So they are definitely operating as a similar entity to the and many of the others as they have exactly the same set-up for defrauding you via the boiler room scammers, the only difference being, that they have a cover-up site for some territories to hide their game.

As we saw in the above, they had this site for UK boiler room traffic: so that they are not reported as boiler room affiliates. There are a few official company connections to this page. Firstly we can see that they are in some way affiliated with another site that was or is called which we can see below:

But hang on, it seems to be a little too close to boiler room affiliate redirect, that could not be a coincidence could it? We do not believe that it could be, there has to be some sort of shared web design skillset here, someone has to be involved with both. In other words, these websites are connected in some way.

So if is related to then so is And if is connected to, then so is

Well this may explain a lot. That are another one of the affiliates and they have simply developed a better model with which to cover their tracks.

So who are they then? Well assuming that these companies are physically intertwined, they have official address details on saying:  34-37 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7PP Tel: +44(0) 203 488 2091 e: 

As we can see, this company is bragging about their boiler room scammer affiliate site on their front page:

'For years, Investoo has established itself as a trustworthy and respected provider of news, education and market analysis for the every-day investor.' But does this actually make any sense? Surely you have either established yourself, or you have been establishing yourself in past tense. When was this respect established, or is it still in the process of being established as such? Is this really the sort of company in offices at Liverpool Street? 

 So what should we take away from this? Are Investoo just like Finixio? A company built upon deceit and misrepresentation? Are they just forwarding people to more legitimate brokers using campaigns that are normally reserved for boiler room scammers? Well the truth is that it does not matter. If you take a person who has no idea about trading, tell them they will undoubtedly make money with an automated bitcoin trading robot and then hand them over to a CFD broker who know full-well that 74% of all retail accounts lose money, it is the same thing! There is no difference. You are leading people into s trap.

On we can see them in action:

There is a warning at the bottom of the page that has no correlation with how the customers have been ensnared. They are expecting a magic robot to make them rich and they are given a tossbag of a product that even the hardest-nosed city traders avoid unless they are using someone else's money.

We can see that this rather shady site,, is also owned by the same group:

VERDICT: Investoo websites are often disingenuous!