Best Auto-trading Software

What is the best auto-trading software in 2021?

This is a much easier question to answer than you might think.

You see, all of the sites offering auto-trading robots to trade in cryptocurrency or ForEx are designed to hide something. At first it was the fact that the products simply did not exist and they wanted to scam you out of $250 or more, but things have changed. Now the same website with the same promises is used to disguise something new. Now these same websites are used to disguise the product that is being sold, CFD options trading.

So why do they go to all this trouble to disguise a product as something else? Well because the largest market in the world currently is the US and CFD (contracts for differences) are not to be sold to US or Canadian citizens. The soliciting of CFD trading to US and Canadian citizens is outlawed and (as far as the American Trading Standards are concerned) is tantamount to fraud. This means that in order to not be discovered or shut down these scammers need to do two things. Number one is that they tell you that most customers lose money on CFDs and that they are not suitable for novice traders (this is usually at the bottom of the website page.) Number two is that they explain to anyone browsing the site, that it is their responsibility to check the laws in their own territory regarding CFD trading and that their services are not for US and Canadian citizens. It is all at the bottom of said pages.

So what does this mean? Well what it means is that auto trading is not a real software, it is a fantasy used to entrap people in real need of money. It means that no computer can predict the stock market without a high level of risk, and it also means that the MT5 trading software you receive as a CFD trader will be more likely to lose you money than gain it, hence all the warnings at the bottom of the page.

Stay away from auto trader ideas as, if it worked, they would never sell it to you.

Auto-Trading Bots are a Scam, not an Easy way to get Rich!