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Phillip Schofield Bitcoin Affiliate Scammers


There are a lot of people searching for: Phillip Schofield Bitcoin every day, so let's do that.

Now this Ad points to:

Which takes us to:

As you can see, they are recommending Bitcoin Trader as the best possible trader to use with a minimum investment of £250 GBP (although it is actually $250 USD)

Now this is from a paid link with Google Ads, so they are paying for you to see this screen.

Let us browse to their home page:

So now they are saying eToro is the best and Bitcoin Trader is nowhere in site.

So they have a particular link that they propagate using Google Ads and another link that Google see when scanning the site, most disingenuous! This is what Google Ads calla landing page. It is a specific page that your advert takes the punter to.

So these are not affiliate advice people, but rather people knowingly advising you to do the worst possible thing, in other words they are partners of, or owned by the scammers.


Now the advert proposes to tell us if they are a scam (Bitcoin Trader is definitely.a scam) so let us see what they say:

Bitcoin Trader is optimized to help investors make profitable cryptocurrency investment decisions using the award-winning time leap technology.

Bitcoin Trader
Potential Daily Profits
Excellent Reputation
Fully Automated Trading
Min Deposit
United (Don't be fooled by a Union Jack, these people are in Eastern Europe)
Payment Methods
Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer
Well they don't say much - they just give you a 'start trading link' that points to an affiliate link site: which forwards you to
So they haven't really answered the question of 'is it a scam?' they have just asked people to click a link for which they get paid.
We have contacted the website at
to see if they are actually aware of this link as they claim to be a professional B2B service company, but it may just be a front as we suspect is.
The sign up page is just: 

Free Registration

Apply for our Award Winning FREE Online Trading Platform

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Oh dear supply is limited....
Do not listen to any advice on as they are obviously interested in only profit and at no point give a fair appraisal of obvious known scam websites.