Is Crypto Masters a Scam?

Now this looks like a perfectly nice site. Nothing wrong with it is there?

Well, it does smack of the same old $250 and contact details to register scam that everyone seems to be trying on as an affiliate partner to CFD traders operating offshore.

It is also a WordPress site which the scammers love because they can use the same set-up every time with the Yoast SEO plug-in etc. which we also see is here.

Let's try some of the links:

So none of the links work except for  the harvesting of contact details. 

No way to download an app or try a demo, just to give your details with the idea of $250 being deposited, so they know you have money.

Let's have a look at the small print:

Hang on, there isn't any! 

That's a bit weird.

There's no information about who runs this website or who is responsible for the content or what happens when we sign up???

Well as you have just seen the contact us and T&Cs links do not work, so there is no one to contact.

This is not a registered company, it is just a website with an untraceable creator, this is a big red flag!

All of the awards and affiliations at the bottom are fake, which would normally mean a legal battle, but these people do not seem to care. This is another big red flag!

They are a WordPress site hosted behind CloudFlare, and while this is not anything bad, it is what all the other unregulated CFD offshore broker scams operate. Along with all of the other suspicious elements, such as no contact details and fake affiliations, we feel safe making a judgement call.


Do not send them your contact details or any money!