What is

Let's have a look at this site...

So we can see that they are an important listing on Google for keywords relating to Immediate Edge for a start. In fact they claim to review Immediate EdgeImmediate Edge is an advertising campaign that is packed full of lies used to defraud people into being taken for a ride by overseas CFD brokers, so it doesn't need that much explanation.

Let's have a look what say about Immediate Edge.

We can see that they give figures as if Immediate Edge is actually some sort of broker or trader. They give minimum investment deposits and other details even though they obviously know that they are forwarding people to illegal CFD brokers outlawed by the FCA in the UK. We can prove that they know this because they have a disclaimer at the bottom of their pages explaining as much.


 They actually quote a win rate of 99% even though it clearly states at the bottom of the Immediate Edge page they are forwarding you to, that 71% of all non-professional investors lose money with this provider.

CFDs are complex assets and carry a high risk of losing money due to their leverage effect. 71% of non-professional investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs through this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work or not, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

What they mean by win rate is not entirely clear, as no one in their right minds would define the win rate of anyone operating an undisclosed strategy. How could they have any visibility of what bids or stakes that person may undertake? This part of the review is highly suspect. You can see the link taking you through to the site with the disclaimer here:

Moving on the site asks what Immediate Edge is. And it is an important questions after all.

What is Immediate Edge?

Well in the site they tell us an impossible string of lies based upon the age-old automated trading robot nonsense that all of the boiler room scammers use to sign people up with unregulated CFD brokers. The idea is that these robots use AI and quantum computing technology to deduce what will happen in the future and then pass on this information to traders using trading signals by email or text message.

Now this, although clearly ridiculous as an idea of a product that would ever be resold, is related to the concepts of quantum computing technology and artificial intelligence. That is why they use these terms to try and confuse people into thinking that they really can predict the markets and that they are going to use that technology to help normal people. In reality they are using complex ideas to fool people into signing up with fake brokers that will defraud them out of their money:

Immediate Edge is an automated trading platform that investors can use to earn money passively from the crypto market. The platform is a smart system that works with the aid of automated processes and robots.

 So this review appears to be conducted by people who nothing about money or trading as, if they did, they would be able to clearly see that an automated trading robot that makes profits on 99% of all trades would instantly change the markets forever. A robot that works form AI that was being used by many people to trade on the markets would gradually change that market as people adjusted to the new influence. Once the changes had occurred the AI would then begin to interpret the market in a new way. This makes the idea of a constant 99% trading win completely impossible as the new market conditions would represent a new set of challenges to the AI that no one has tested it with. 

This means that the claims on this page are invented and not to be trusted. This review is disingenuous and designed to deceive rather than to assist anyone. That is why the has a button to click on if you want to list your own scam on their site, and if you click it, this is what happens:


So this is obviously not a review site in the usual terms, but rather a paid affiliate linking site that will give a good review to anyone that pays them enough money, regardless of the legality of the product.

We can establish this quickly this from looking at the reviews as we were just doing with the Immediate Edge review. No serious review site would have a conclusion right at the top of the site with affiliate links to click on before you had even read the review.

As we can see below, they advise people with these fake reviews upon all sort of these automated trading robots including one that is actually named after the company that runs many of these review sites, including their own. Finixio Ltd. 

Here they claim that the Finixio AI automated trading robot is not connected with them in any way(rather absurdly on a Finixio website as Finixio is a company that just happens to run a huge portion of all of the affiliate scammer sites within the UK):

First and foremost, it’s important to point out that Finixio AI is not affiliated or connected with, a market leading digital media company that operates on an international scale. 

But as soon as we click the link to Finixio AI we are taken through to the same website as were with Immediate Edge[string] which means that are sending a lot of their affiliate traffic through to the same website, but why? Why would they have the same website target address for completely different products that they review on different pages? Well the simple answer is that run many of these scams themselves and take the affiliate fees directly from the unregulated, offshore broker-scammers, some of whom they may even operate themselves.

What we are seeing here is that Finixio/ are operating a single server that is the target for the sign-up now links on many of their reviews which them send the user to a dangerous and possibly fake broker. Let's have a look at an example.

From what we can see here they are operating a multitude of domain names that all appear to point at the same server, whether it be or or they still appear to be using celestial objects as the first part of their server name, a behaviour we have seen the exhibit before.

Another way to see how these Finixio scams are run  is to do a simple search:

Try running a search for this term in quotes on Google: "Nothing on this website is an endorsement or recommendation of a particular trading strategy or investment decision."

How many websites could possibly contain that exact text and punctuation?

Not many surely, that is a long string of ASCII characters and when in quotes means that any results returned would have to be exactly the same string. So why then, does this happen?

Whys is every one of these sites using the exact same text? Is this some sort of a conspiracy? What could possibly persuade all of these different people, who are presumably interested in ranking well on Google, to plagiarise this text across so many different websites? 

Well it is because it is a legal disclaimer, which costs money to have someone write. You do not want to have to pay that money over and over again. So is this the only reason, or is there something more sinister.

Could the same legal team be working for every single one of these websites? Or are they all coinnected in some way? Let's have a look through what they are all discussing.

  • Economy Watch ostensibly discusses Bitcoin Trading
  • Forex School Online discusses ForEx trading (Foreign Exchange)
  • Business2Community is supposedly about some sort of trading
  • is obviously about trading too
  • is about trading.. hey, wait a minute!


Every one of these websites is about the same thing, but then they would be about the same thing is they need to carry the same warning, wouldn't they?

But it goes a little deeper than that, you see every one of these sites carries reviews of one thing - trading robots. Trading robots are automated traders that are supposed to be able to use technology of some sort to make trades on your behalf. They make or lose money for you.

Forex Crunch for instance uses the term Crypto Robots to describe them:

 Forex Crunch Crypto Robot Scams

The problem is, that every one of the robots in that list, is a scam. When we use the word scam, we mean that there is no trading robot, the whole thing is a sham designed to get you to deposit money into what appears to be an offshore, unregulated broker. Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Prime. They are all exactly the same thing - a sham!

The broker is part of the boiler room scam. As soon as they have your details they will call you up and persuade you to deposit thousands of dollars or pounds into their account whilst the phoney trading screen you watch tells you that you are making money.

Once they have squeezed you for every penny you have, the trading screen suddenly loses all of your money, the phone number stops working and the website drops off of the web. That is the boiler room scam.