Cryptominded is yet another fake review site for boiler room scammers. It is full of fake authors writing fake reviews, none of which have any basis in reality and are simply designed to collect the affiliate fees offered by the boiler room scammers. AVOID!

You know you can trust a site when you browse down to the bottom of the page, and there is a link that says 'Why trust us?' and when you hover over that link, it turns out to be a '#' link (a link that just refreshes whichever page you are already on) and this is the kind of service that review sites like offer. They are just a sink of lies over a body of fraud.

Here is a quick example pf how they misrepresent themselves as a legitimate website when they are just affiliate links to boiler room scams:

As you can see every link promising explanation as to their methods and ethics is just a link to a hash sign, which simply tells the browser to reload whichever page it is already on! In the above we try the 'Why trust us?' link, the 'How we test' and the 'About us' and 'Contact' links, all of which go nowhere and uncover the dreadful site as nothing more than a scam.

The whole site is full of the usual scammer tactics. Fake reviewers using stock photos as their portrait. The same questions on every review - 'Bitcoin Sucker: Is it Legit or a Scam?' - and the conclusion at the top before any reasons to the decision have been made obvious 'Our Investigation Result: YES! Bitcoin Sucker is Legit' because that is the main idea of this site and the other scammer sites, to fool the people who do not read the small print. These articles are after two separate things, people clicking their affiliate links, and people believing in the idea of this get rich quick schemes, as both will bring them money.

From what we can see, they offer the largest collection of fake reviews to defraud people anywhere online. Here is a list of their boiler room scam affiliate links:

Bitcoin Storm
Crypto Superstar
Bitcoin Equaliser
Bitcoin Treasure
Bitcoin Wealth
Bitcoin Trade Robot
Bitcoin Union
Bitcoin Trend App
Bitcoin Formula
Bitcoin Fortune
Bitcoin Freedom
Bitcoin Hero
Dubai Lifestyle
Finnish Formula
Immediate Bitcoin
Bitcoin Rush
Bitcoin System
Corona Millionaire
Crypto Genius
Crypto Grind
Bit Index AI
Bitcoin Buyer
Bitcoin Evolution
Bitcoin News Trader
Bitcoin Machine
Immediate Edge
Bitcoin Smarter
British Bitcoin Profit
Yuan Pay Group
Bitcode AI
Bitcoin Optimiser
Immediate Profit
Profit Revolution
Bitcoin Up
Bitcoin Trader
Ethereum Trader
Crypto Nation Pro
Ethereum Code
Dubai Profit Now
Libra Method
Crypto Engine
Crypto Hopper
Crypto Method
Profit Secret
Crypto Contracts
Quantum Trading
One Bitcoin A Day
Ripple Code
Prime Advantage
Crypto Bank
Libra Profit System
Stellar Profit
Crypto Profit
Cannabis Millionaire
Crypto Bull
Crypto Cash
Crypto Comeback Pro
Crypto Group
Crypto Legacy
Crypto Revolt
Crypto VIP Club
BTC Robot
British Trade Platform
Crypt EX
Brexit Trader
Libra Maximizer
Bitcoin Investor
Bitcoin Legacy
Bitcoin Miner
Bitcoin Madrid
Bitcoin Money
Bitcoin Power
Bitcoin Revival
Bitcoin Rejoin
Bitcoin Millionaire
Bitcoin Secret
Bitcoin Sunrise
Bitcoin Supersplit
Bitcoin Supreme
Bitcoin Fast Profit
Bitcoin Capital
Bitcoin Cycle
Big Money Rush
Bitcoin Benefit
Bitcoin Compass
Singapore Formula
Bitcoin Aussie System
Stock Method
Wealth Matrix
Bitindex Prime
Bitcoin Bonanza
Bitcoin Decoder
Bitcoin Boom
Bitcoin Gemini
As far as we can see they have  just about every boiler room scam here that we have ever seen. Some notable exceptions though are:
  • ForEx EA Trader
  • Profit Builder
  • Bitcoin Fortress
  • Q Profit System


The amazing thing here is that pretty much every one of these links goes to an identical scam. The website colours may vary a little or the order of the sections perhaps, but the website is pretty much exactly the same. A title and a 'hurry now' message and then a registration form to collect your phone number and details. After that there is usually a three stage 'register' 'deposit' 'await riches' section explaining that you cannot lose. Of course it is all nonsense. The only thing you cannot do with any of these websites is make money. You can login and deposit and even see a fake trading interface, but you will never make a withdrawal.

There are many boiler room scams on here that we are yet to get around to writing a proper review of, and so we will use this as a template to get started. What we can promise you is that every single review on is full of affiliate links and zero facts.

The standard of the reviews on can be gauged pretty quickly. A good review needs you to read it, just want you to see immediately the result of their positive review and click the affiliate link. The most interesting thing is that they say exactly the same thing about every scam:

As you can see they tell the reader that every one of the scams is legitimate and use the same phrase to express such every time.:

After a series of extensive research and practical testing, we can fully confirm that the performance of the Boiler Room Scam platform is indeed, legitimate and verified. If you are interested in a trial of the platform, we recommend you complete the form below and we will arrange for a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through the setup process.

So it is not a review at all. more akin to an advert.

And this is the problem with all of the boiler room scam review sites, they are disrupting the processes of the search engines with all of this activity (the affiliates fighting over the huge fees offered by the scammers) which Google and Bing take to be a sign that these products are popular or helpful when most of them do not even exist. They are simply a confidence trick or a scam and are not a product at all.

Who Writes

This is the question. Who are the affiliates of these scammers wilfully misleading people into fraud for their cowardly fees? Well let's see if we can work out who they really are by looking at what they write and who they claim to be.

The first thing to notice about the layout of this site, is that it is entirely based on subterfuge and disguise. The website shows a set of stories about blockchain but has another trick up its sleeve. Have a look at the below:

So as you can see they have a hidden page where they publish all of their fake reviews of the boiler room scams in order to collect their affiliate fees from the scammers. The point of a website like this is subterfuge, entirely. They publish legitimate reviews only to disguise their real intentions. They are scammer affiliates and lie about everything in order to get people to click their unsavoury links to be defrauded.

The photo of the author is actually just a stock photo being used by various people across the Internet.

So it is not looking too good. The authors are fake, the reviews are fake and the whole sites name is a lie as they do not actually deal with cryptocurrency at all. They are simply affiliates of boiler room scammers. So who is responsible for this? Who creates

Well the registrar is who specialise in obscuring the real owners of a website for various owners' nefarious purposes or otherwise, and the hosting company and server is masked by Cloudflare who are a proxy service that repoints data sent to a domain to a server other than their own. In other words, this website is hidden by third parties that supposedly protect this site from the internet and attacks such as denial of service (DDoS.) the only pity is that this site sorely needs to be attacked and removed from the web. These professional third party services protect the owner from taking responsibility for the content of their site which seems pretty wrong to us.

Why Can't We Find The Owners?

When we brought this site to the attention of, who have just as much power as the server hosting company or host to stop this domain as anyone, but they hide behind some sort of passing the buck attitude and tell you to contact the hosting company, but of course the hosting company is obscured by CloudFlare so that is not an option. 

In simple words, the only people who can take this site down refuse:

Thank you for your email.

You are contacting, we are the domain name registrar and not the
hosting provider where the content is served.

As your complaint deals specifically with website content issues, you will need
to contact the hosting provider as they are the party responsible for content. is not a content hosting provider; we do not offer hosting
services of any kind.

You may want to use a services such as these to identify the hosting provider:

Thank you,

-----Original Message-----
From: <support at>
Sent: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 11:25:05 +0000
To: NameBright Support <[email protected]>
Subject: abuse -

Please can you do something about the fraudulent reviews on this site as a lot of people are losing money. We know you didn't create it, but you are still compliant with it's behaviour by providing it with a private domain name.

They are more than aware that we cannot track the hosting company, otherwise why would they use a domain name owner masking service like in the first place? They should be called in reality. As you can see they don't even give their own name.

We cannot see any obvious clues in the code as to owns the server either as they use the same Wordpress website code as every other scammer with the Yoast SEO plug-in. These tools enable the scammers to get a good ranking for their sites so that they can defraud more people more regularly. Yoast essentially forces you to format the article well for SEO and write a minimum number of links pointing to chapters and a contents page etc.



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