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What is Mary's System?

Well let's start out by having a look at the video and deciding what it is trying to achieve. 

So the premise is still pretty unclear, what exactly are these people promising? It is described as some sort of marketing system or tool and the alleged participants seem to be making a consistent return of somewhere between $900-$6000 USD per day, but how are they doing this? No one has explained what sort of marketing is so simple that a child could do it. If it is online, presumably it must be automated or how could they only work for a few minutes per day and get up and running so easily?

To be totally honest, it just sounds like a confidence trick, like some sort of scam. It seems very odd that there is such a limited time to sign up and that Mary doesn't know which date it is closing, just that it is closing 'at the date displayed at the top of the screen' which means they could use this video over and over.

Other worrying signs are the 'as seen on TV' and other scammer type messages that keep appearing.

Let's try signing-in to see what happens:

So we are taken through to this very suspicious website that does not appear to be real,

The root of the domain is just a blank:

And when you are looking at the purchasing screen, the countdown isn't even in seconds:

Whatever this site is selling, it is designed to be purchased in a panic, which means it is a purchase that you will regret. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!


What does Mary's System Do?

Excellent question. What does it do? As far as we can see it is a very lengthy presentation, a bit like British Bitcoin Profit,. that persuades you that you will become rich very easily, but without really explaining how. 

Let's go back to how it begins. Firstly you receive an email like the below:

Which takes you through to a page like which then takes you through to their scammer server here: that is a single website server, out of which they will operate all of their scams. In this case the the also runs Profit Point Autonomy, which appears to be the same scam as Mary's System, just using different actors and screenshots. It certainly uses many of the same logos and emblems like these:


They are also operating the same tactics whereby you are convinced by timers everywhere that you are about to run out of time to seize this opportunity and that this is probably your last chance.

Here at step 2, after you have sat through the first video, you can see that the Mary's system images is already mentioning stocks and shares in big copanies that had not been mentioned before:

Is Mary's System Profitable?

Well, to who? We can see from the disclaimer at the beginning of the video, that Mary is not actually Mary. Her name  could be anything else, like Ashleigh or Chelsea or Christie, but it is not Mary. Why would you change the names to protect the actors and keep her real name? So the whole idea of Mary's system must be a lie, as there is no Mary! All of the actors saying Mary's name know she is not called Mary and so could not have been using Mary's system. This means that Mary's System does not exist! This means that Mary's system cannot be profitable!

Is Mary's System Easy to Use in a Profitable Way?

Well since we have just deduced from the text above that Mary's System is simply a fraud, then there is no actual system, to use. At no point has anyone shown us any evidence that there is anything to use other than the website where you buy a mysterious course for $67 USD but there is no explanation as to what you are buying or how it could help you. In our opinion, what with the purchasing website being a fake, the purchasing part of the scam is just to be sure they have your correct contact and card details so that the boiler room scammers can take a deposit and get you into highly leveraged trading so that they can steal your home.

How Does Mary's System Work?

Well if you mean how does the confidence trick work, it works in the same way as all confidence tricks. It works in the same way as all of the other confidence tricks they are running from that very website. It makes you believe something in the diametrically opposite direction to the truth. This kind of tactic makes it harder and harder for you to believe what is really happening, that you are not going to become rich, but are going to lose everything.

As for how whatever Mary's system is, well we just can't get any information. When we signed up we got an email stating that we were into stage two, but that seemed to consists solely of another video with a lot of testimonials that didn't actually specifically explain what they were so please about  anyway. It is possible that the reason that this second round of testimonials is so inspecific is because they use the same videos for all of the other scams being touted off of that single website.

Why is Mary Wilson so Keen that I Sign-up?

Well it is becoming obvious that Mary is not Mary, she is an actress who has a script and a director, a director who has been briefed to get people to sign up for this product at all costs. The obvious truth is that Mary's system is not a system for making money or for personal development, it is a system to get people to buy an item for $57 that then begins an ongoing course that costs more and more money and is made of nothing more than bigger and bigger promises. It is a course where you never find the truth or make the money. it is an ongoing deception designed to defraud it's customers. It is what is referred to as a scam.

Who Else is Using Mary's System?

By the look of it, there have been people who have signed up 

We can see from the below that the same 'users' are 'using' other offers on this same website.

One actor in two scams

As you can see in the above, this one actor has been used by the director in both scams. We already knew that the two scams, Mary's System and Business Advantage 360 were operated by the same people as they are on the same web server, so it is no surprise to see that they are using the same actors. It is also no surprise that they are using the same 360 number as the Finixio/Click Out Media scams in the UK as there is a strong possibility that they are all one group.

The scammers have used the US flag in the background of each which makes us think that they are unlikely to be American citizens, unless they have a real vendetta.

What is Mary's System Really?

It is exactly the same as Bitcoin Prime or Quantum AI or Immediate Edge, with a slightly different flavour so as to appeal to US citizens rather than UK citizens. The way that they are using one server for multiple scams all with the same endgame means that this is undoubtedly the same group that has been operating in the UK for years; there are just too many similarities. There are a couple of updates to their tactics, such as the way they get you to purchase something so that they can be sure you will give the correct details to be contacted. This is a new tactic to the old phone verification system they used in the UK. Now the promise of the course or system being despatched to you is the carrot they use to persuade you to hand over your mobile number., with the added bonus of already having your card details!

Who is Mary Wilson Really?

We do not know the name of the actress, but we are fairly sure that it is not Mary. Whoever she is, surely she must've smelled a rat when reading the script and being made aware of the director's intentions. The whole video is completely disingenuous and is designed to mislead, but perhaps, looking at the job of an actor in isolation, that is what acting is about under most circumstances. As for the other actors, they are obviously part of a troupe of actors that this director has used for more than one of the scam videos, so perhaps if we can get hold of the management of that troupe, we can find out if this is another Finixio scam or whether it is another part of the scammer group. Whoever is running this scam uses almost identical tactics to the UK scammers, which is enough to make us very suspicious.

Is Mary's System a Lie?

In terms of providing what is promised by the actor playing Mary, yes of course it is. We cannot quite understand why the FBI is not investigating these people as soliciting CFD trading in the US is a crime, and surely there is no loophole allowing you to solicit CFD trading by pretending that it is something else, or just by being so nonspecific that you do not disclose what sort of product it is until people are already signed up. These are American actors being filmed in the US or Canada and so they are in contradiction of US law. Where is the FBI then? This scam needs to be picked up now before they get a foothold and start making their way into people's minds as a real product like they have in Europe.

Is Mary's System a Scam?

Unquestionably it is a scam. We will soon see this product on all of the fake review sites such as,,,,,,,,,,, and all of the other fake review sites collecting affiliate fees from scams all over the web. This network of fake reviewers is the main reason these scams proliferate and endure so successfully , because there are far more lies  online regarding their profitability than there are sites speaking the truth. Companies like Finixio and Clock Out Media have lots of journalists writing all sorts of pseudo-advice sites to get rankings so that they can then be the top results for the scams and get the affiliate fees from scammers scamming the people being defrauded daily. Their business is hiding the truth in order to defraud people.

These scammer affiliates go further than that too. Many of the scams and unregulated offshore brokerages are actually fake sites run bu these scammer affiliates from within the UK. They simply use overseas hosting and domain registration as well as fake overseas company registration to make it impossible to isolate where the crime is taking place. If you are sent from fake news on a Tallinn server to a Icelandic website promising you riches and then lose all of your money on a fake CFD brokerage registered as a Caribbean broker then who is o blame? Everyone can deny knowledge of the existence of everybody else or just say that they cannot control what affiliates do to get their fees. The whole thing is an impenetrable mess that no one can be responsible to prevent, so we just have to keep writing and making videos in the hope that some people are dissuaded from losing their money.

Who Should I Report Mary to?

Well no one can do anything. There is simply no jurisdiction that can deal with any of this, and couple with that the fact that Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft and  Twitter are all happy to advertise these scams as if they were normal search results or news, you have the biggest online scam screw-up yet. This behaviour demonstrated by these scammers and the equally stupid behaviour of all of the medis outlets and celebrities being impersonated and it is very easy to see why so many people get ripped off. The people we are told we can trust are in on the scam!

How Can I Avoid these Online Scams?

Stay away from MSN, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Stick to search engines that do not advertise these scams and always use an adblocker on your browser. Never ever believe or even read any site that has the words 'legit or scam?' in the title of a review. Never believe anyone that tells you they have invented a new trading robot or algorithm and they are going to use it to cure poverty. Always be sure you know the source of any email before you trust its contents, especially if it has a link to a site where you can make money. Anyone telling you that they can make you rich is a scammer out to defraud you. Anyone telling you that they are trying to cure poverty is a scammer. if you had a machine in the back of your supermarket that made free money by pressing a GO button, would you keep selling food?

What if I Already Signed Up for Mary Wilson's System?

Then you really should consider getting your bank card replaced and changing your phone number. The scammers will sell your details to every other scammer online and they will bombard you with scams until they find a way in. They know you can be cajoled into believing money can be free and they won't give up until one of them breaks you. Scammers are a certain type of people and they are like bullies, they do not quit. They have nothing else to do , because they are vacuous. They can never have a life like your s and they hate you for it so be careful. There are more of them on this Earth than you would ever believe. The chief scammer is actually scamming everyone else in the business anyway. They will promise that everyone will get rich and then disappear with all of the money. This then makes everyone else realise that they should've scammed the chief scammer first, and creates another generation of scammers.

Can I Get my Money Back?

From the scammers? No. There is no way you can get the money back from the scammers, it has ling ago been changed into various cryptocurrencies and dispersed across the scammer network to help fund the next online fraud. But do not despair! You can get your money back from the bank in many cases, depending on who your bank is and the policy they operate. They charge you to protect your money and they failed. Make sure you get hold of the fraud division of your bank and get all of the paperwork and evidence you can from your statements and emails etc. Make sure that you present all of the evidence and explain that they should've been wise to that bank transfer or crypto purchase. You should have been notified of the dangers. They need to reimurse you. They just make the money up out of thin air anyway so why do they care?

Make sure that you learn from these scammers. The most important thing to remember is that that their lies are designed to take you as far away from the turth as possible. They are seeking to delude. If you keep in mind that money is only worth something because you have to work to get it, you will always be safe from these idiotic scams.


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