AnonSystem - The Anonymous Impersonation Scam

AnonSystem - The Anonymous Impersonation Scam  

AnonSystem - The Anonymous Impersonation Scam

For those of you who do not know, Anonymous is a hacker group based out of the US who remain, above all else, anonymous. They do not give their location, play their voices, or show their faces. Which means anyone can impersonate them. And that is what we see here, the Russian offshore broker affiliates have decided to impersonate Anonymous.

It is not such a bad plan after all, as many young Americans will definitely be vulnerable to believing what Anonymous tell them. It does pose another question though, if Anonymous really are a group out for justice (although the causes they pick are usually carefully chosen so as not to upset anyone really powerful) will they turn the spotlight on the whole offshore CFD broker scam, and help us get these scammers shut down?

Let's have a look at their website, firstly a few comments on their video:

Now let's have a look at the website itself:

As you can see it is nicely put together and nicely animated. The scammers are either employing more expensive designers or have new blood in their midst.

The scam is, of course, exactly the same as it always is. We have an amazing opportunity because we have special technical knowledge, we have a limited time window, we are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts, oh, and you have to deposit $250 US dollars.

Nothing new there, but the method which they have chosen to beguile people with is pretty clever. If you are dealing with a group that the US public know have been a force for good in the past and who are completely unable to identify themselves, then they can be easily impersonated with a mask and a computerised voiceover.

Anything you can do, we can turn into a scam.

And so here we are. Now there is no point going through this website as it is obviously a clone of every other one they've ever made, but we did just want to acknowledge that this is a goo ruse and that we shall have to pull the reigns tighter if we are to avoid the amount of fraud increasing sharply in the wake of frauds like this. The Elon Musk speech obviously needed his voice, this did not.


Do not send them your details or any money ever!

If you need to email Anonymous, they are apparently at:


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