There is a new scam server running at least four scams from including Mary's System ATM Cashpoint, Business Advantage 360 and Profit Autonomy

There is a new scam server running at least four scams from scams

The scams are proliferated by emails from A-to-Z systems <[email protected]> such as the one below:

They are all running a similar story, that you can make fast, easy money by logging on to a website and pressing a 'GO' button that will then send you thousands of dollars per day! It is, of course, complete nonsense.

The emails are supposedly from A-to-Z systems 91 Brockton Avenue, Abington MA 2156 which does not appear to be a real company in any way at all - the only results we can find for it online are scam reports - and the explanation for receiving the emails is:

You received this email at [email protected] in association with your subscription at 

A-to-Z systems 91 Brockton Avenue, Abington MA 2156

And this service is presumably another one of these website that charges a monthly fee for access to a website where you can supposedly get good deals, like a sort of Groupon site, but with a subscription fee. The whole set-up is a scam designed to make people pay a few months after they sign up for something that they do not understand. Presumably they are making a lot of money as they have made at least four separate videos full of paid actors in order to commence these frauds.

These scams include:

The use of the 360 here definitely ties in with scams recently seen in Europe such as Bitcoin Profit AI 360 and Quantum AI 360 so we can assume that they are either aware of the developments each other group is making in terms of the scam names, or they are just all one big unhappy group of gruesome scammers.


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