Who are finixio.com?

Cryptocurrency website company with the same address as Bitcoin Revolution  

Here is a Cryptocurrency website company with the same address as Bitcoin Revolution

From the Finixio site:

St. Magnus House
3 Lower Thames Str,
London, EC3R 6HE
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)203 146 8423
Which is some sort of hotdesking firm where you just pay a monthly fee to sit at a desk when you need it. In other words, it is a highly suspicious address to claim as your official company address to Companies House. Although these kinds of offices are very common, you would expect them to have an accountants address as the first point of call for HMRC etc.
Certainly the company discussed at https://kryptoszene.de/kryptowaehrungen-kaufen/bitcoin-paypal/ appears to fit the mould as it is an advertising site for recruiting traders for eToro etc. when you are expecting to buy Bitcoin.
I think these may be our guys.
If we go to their website, we can see that their official email address is: [email protected] which just doesn't work:
Now this is Google telling us that there is no such user, from a company claiming to be in partnership with Coinbase and Twitter. This is very, very odd.
The [email protected] appears to have worked, at least it has not bounced back, but the company contact form does not seem to work at all:
Now the company was started by this man: Adam Robert GRUNWERG  who is appointed as an active director in a few companies in the UK. The Guardian investigated him regarding fake news last year here: The Guardian Investigate Finixio which was prompted by fake news being sent out targeting a footballer and pop stars. In other words, he was sending out fake news articles claiming that celebrities use ridiculous bitcoin autotrading robots to make their money rather than by being famous and opening supermarkets etc.
If we look at some of their websites, we can see that they specialise in writing fake reviews of Bitcoin Auto-trading Robots: buyshares.co.uk:
Here they are reviewing every scam going with links - they are trying to defraud people without a doubt, acting as affiliates with all of these scammer sites, but there is a good chance that a company like this is also running the scammer sites too, after all, they had the same address as Bitcoin Profit.


As you can see they are trying to defraud British people with the hopelessly fake Brexit Millionaire. The reviewers are fake people with fake names and photos, the whole thing is a scam conducted by a company with 150 employees allegedly! The reality must be that this company makes nearly all of its money from scamming and is trying to branch out to become more legitimate in order to cover the tracks of their core industry which is undoubtedly fraud.