Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin Union

Jeremy Clarkson is being used to ensnare more innocent people into the Bitcoin Union Scam advertised by Microsoft on MSN and on the Edge browser home page.
Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin

Jeremy Clarkson is being used to ensnare more innocent people into the Bitcoin Union Scam. His latest controversy no doubt fuelling the traffic travelling into this fake news scam.

The latest scam works by using the MSN brand to assume a trustworthy nature. They use the MSN logo in the corner to infer some sort of association. This is also not the first time we have seen a Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin association being suggested.

Bitcoin Union Logo  MSN Logo 

Where is the Bitcoin Union Scam Advertised?

If you buy a new PC and open the supplied Microsoft browser, Microsoft Edge, you will see a window of MSN headlines that adverts have been sneakily inserted into, such as the page below:

Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin Union

As with all MSN news, it is the worst kind of CNN nonsense. Just internet drivel to draw in the loneliest, saddest people. Most of the stories are so uninteresting and ridiculous that it makes the Jeremy Clarkson scam advert look quite appealing. If we weren't expecting the scam, it would probably be the article we would choose if we couldn't think of somewhere else to be.

The problem is, of course, that because this is on the home page of MSN, showing in the Microsoft Browser upon first opening, people assume that the advert must have been through some sort of screening. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why is Microsoft Advertising Bitcoin Union?

The only concern Microsoft has, like most big business, is their shareholder dividend. As a result the company gradually becomes a force powered only by greed.

Because of this, we can see that they are now party to trying to defraud their own users through a third party scammer. Microsoft have become part of the affiliate scammer networks that plague the internet and they join Alphabet, Meta and Twitter as they do so.

We can see how the links take you through to the scammer brokers here:

Are Microsoft Connected to Bitcoin Union?

From just watching that video above, you would have to say yes, they are. Microsoft will surely claim that this has just slipped through the scam-catcher net but, really? There is no mention on that MSN front page that the Jeremy Clarkson photo isn't an MSN article. It doesn't warn anyone that it will take you to an external site. It doesn't warn you that Microsoft are not liable for anything that you read once you have clicked that link, so doesn't that mean that they are liable? They are taking the money that the party submitting that article are paying. Microsoft are the ones with the payment details of the person looking to deceive their readers. Who is liable if not them?

Are Microsoft Part of the Bitcoin Union Scam?

Yes, unquestionably they are. They may deny that they have any knowledge of the scam but the evidence is there that they are aware of it. We have reported these problems to them literally hundreds of times and still nothing changes. They are far too happy with the advertising income generated by fake news articles to make any changes. They make no effort to separate themselves from the articles, they simply forward you to these external sites. They do not scan the sites for MSN text or logos to be sure that you are not being defrauded. All of this means one thing. MSN is a phishing site. A site that pretends to be the news but is really a scam. The video above proves this! There is no question about that.

How Can I Avoid Scams on MSN?

The obvious answer is to buy an Apple Mac instead. Microsoft are pushing a scam on their home page and then allowing the advertisers to use the MSN logo on the scammer site. There is no safety when using a Microsoft Edge browser, no matter how secure the updates. The browser is compromised by the great and lack of integrity of the company that creates it. You cannot browse safely if you cannot trust the company providing your software, it is just not possible. The best option is to find a more trustworthy provider of software and use them. The problem is that the competition look pretty grim too. Google advertise these types of scams all the time. You don't need to search far top find evidence of this. They do not plague the home page of their site with these scams though, just their search result ads. There is some respite though as recently the FCA have taken action to prevent this type of soliciting of CFD products to UK residents. This is why we have seen a marked reduction in traffic for these boiler room websites. They are having to stick to advertising as magic trading robots to remain unnoticed.

Is There Really a Bitcoin Union App?

No, there isn't. When we say that we mean there isn't really an app that will install on an Apple or Android device that will trade on your behalf. There is no website called Bitcoin Union that you can log into and that will trade profitably on your behalf. There is no auto-trading robot that will make your dreams come true and solve world poverty. There is no project funded by Jeremy Clarkson designed to make people money. Jeremy Clarkson has not revealed an app live on television that made the central banks phone up and shut the programme down. The whole thing is just a confidence trick lie designed to steal people's money.

Has Jeremy Clarkson Really Been on the Jonathan Ross Show?

Yes, of course he had, he just didn't suddenly pull out his phone (which he wouldn't have with him in a television interview anyway) and announce to the world that he is funding an app to cure world poverty and make everyone more money. The central banks didn't shut the show down because they'd had enough of him trying to help people. Jonathan Ross didn't try the app live on air and exclaim how amazing it was that he'd just made some money in a room full of much poorer people. 

Who is Paying for this Scam Ad on MSN?

If we watch the video again where we are taken to the scam page:

We can see there is an intermediate stage link of:

If we look at the link we can see there are a few different domains involved. Firstly, this link is an automatically forwarding link. It contains a source and affiliate fees explaining which advert was clicked and where to take the browser in the next step. Firstly, the site has a contact email address described as MLB Bulletin at [email protected] which is a familiar name, but is connected with Major League Baseball so we have no idea why they are claiming to be that.

Secondly, we can also see in the link

So this is a Baidu site, as they own, as we can see here:

MediaGo Logo

HPMSN is obviously the indicator that this link was clicked on the MSN site. But there is no obvious reason why it would forward the link unless the code in that site tells the browser to forward the reader. The link itself definitely forwards you of its own accord so perhaps & are part of the scam.

Are Involved?

Yes they are. They are the ones with the registration page flagrantly displaying the MSN icon on their website which means that they have to be expecting this traffic in order to fake the necessary association.

Bitcoin Union MSN Scam


We can see from a copy of the site below that the fake new MSN association is replete throughout every part of the links that we traverse in our journey to be defrauded by offshore, unregulated scammer brokers:

As you can see they use exactly the same stock photos of the same false happy customers that they have been using on all of these stupid scams for years. They actually get the names wrong on the website above. They call Jonathan Jeremy and accidentally get the roles of the two reversed:

Jonathan Ross Jeremy Clarkson Mix-up

The ending of the scam is the questionnaire at the end where they ask if you are male or female and if you earn less than £120,000 and if you are over 18. This is just nonsense - it will make no difference which option you pick. They are going to take your money anyway now you've demonstrated you are gullible enough to come this far!


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