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Here is an interesting campaign currently being paraded around the UK web. they are trying to build rank without service or content.

Here is an interesting campaign currently being paraded around the UK web.

This site are claiming that they are reputation measuring website, even though they have not even used the correct URL for our site:

We don't even have a site and if they are referring to then why would we link a DA72 site to a DA55 one? They obviously want the rankings and do not want to make the content.

Presumably they are researching domain authority (DA) or they would not have come to us, so you would've thought that they would get the domain name correct. As it stands they have simply tried to leapfrog everyone with a set of silly logos and misrepresentation. They have already convinced 33,600 websites to link to them in the short term, with what is undoubtedly a clever plan, but this will not help anyone's ranking except their own. They may well then sell the company to someone who might use your contact details to recover cash by submitting them to every marketing list on planet Earth, so think twice before signing up.

If we look at some of their Q&A, we can see that there is a lot of disingenuous nonsense here:

How did you select my website?

It is an aggregated verdict based on the popular/trusted public ratings, user reviews, and compared to other websites in the same category in’s directory.

Well, no you didn't because then you would know we don't have a website at

What does happen after I install the award on my website?

It's not an award, it's just a logo that picks our website name out of a database that they have scraped our internet domain name into so that each logo will appear unique. They haven't checked any security, they just sent this out to every domain with authority above theirs without domain privacy enabled on the Nominet and Veritas registers. That's why they hit the version of the domain instead of our website.

It is simply an exercise in link building by using a false product. We know it is false because they can't even get the name of the site right, so they can't have scanned our website or performed analysis of our website stats.

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