Welcome to HelloFax Here is Your Fax - spam warning

Welcome to HelloFax Here is Your Fax - spam warning   HelloFax are on the hit list again and th

Welcome to HelloFax Here is Your Fax - spam warning


HelloFax are on the hit list again and thanks to comments from our good friend Patrick Klos, we are now posting articles siting these spam emails as possible email address verification emails.

This HelloFax spam email has once again the same link encoded within it which Patrick informs us may well be just a coded hash of the email address to which the spam email is sent.

In this case we see the link as: http://vermontpancake.com/?1U=encoded-email-address where the 1U= the user to where the email was sent.

This is presumably to monitor where their spam succeeds and to then sell on or send over a more damaging spam knowing which users will be reached without raising their spam blacklist profiles unnecessarily.

You can see the email here:




From:                                                       HelloFax <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         29 October 2018 17:42

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   Welcome to HelloFax, Here is Your Fax




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Dear Client,

Here is Your Fax

Date and Time: 10/29/2018 09:32 AM
Number of pages: 9

Personal reference number: TGH657348K.

We appreciate you going paper-less!
- HelloFax Community


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The link points to: http://vermontpancake.com?1U=Encoded-Email-Address where the Encoded-Email-Address appears to be an encoding of each character of the email address rather than a hash of the whole address because (as pointed out be Patrick Klos) it is the same number of characters as the email address to which it has been sent.

In this case  "." character is referred to by the "Y" character in the encoded version. "." is ASCII code 46 and "Y" is 89

If there is any correlation between this and any other email addresses this message is sent to we will post the results later.


Comments (4) -

  • I have seen this one this week, when will spamming finally be laid to rest? Surely technology and regulation can close this nonsense down once and for all!
  • received this one with an attachment today -

    "The following is Your Fax coming from HelloFax Services The most effective approach to sign and send faxes on-line Dear Client, The electronic fax email notification was submitted to you via HelloFax Canada services. Please receive your fax document in the attached to this letter. Date & time: 12/11/2019 # pages: 4 We appreciate that you are going paperless, HelloFax Canada Crew ©2009-2019 HelloFax Incorporation & affiliates. All legal rights reserved. 3189 Nelson Street, Ontario, Ontario P0D 2C0*** This is an automated e-mail, don't respond straight to this email***"
    • They don’t give up, do they?

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