💸 Incoming Bitcoin Transfer - You received 0.079561 BTC! - Spam Warning!!

💸 Incoming Bitcoin Transfer - You received 0.079561 BTC! Woah!!! I've been sent Bitcoins.... Well f

💸 Incoming Bitcoin Transfer - You received 0.079561 BTC!


Woah!!! I've been sent Bitcoins....


Well first of all you can't actually receive Bitcoin by email, it is not like Paypal, you receive Bitcoins by incoming transfers to your Bitcoin wallet. If you don't have a wallet, then no one has sent you any Bitcoins.


This email:


From: Bitcoin UK - Marica B. <[email protected]>
Sent: 31 October 2018 13:10
To: Support
Subject: ?? Incoming Bitcoin Transfer - You received 0.079561 BTC!


Importance: High


You just received 0.079561 Bitcoin incoming transfer from Info.

Sender: [email protected]
Receiver: [email protected]
Amount: 0.079561 BTC
Deadline: 06-11-2018

Transfer has been made from account holder:

Accept the transfer now:

Only 7 days remaining to accept your Bitcoin transfer! If you do not accept this transfer, the money will
be returned to sender.

To claim your Bitcoin please visit the link below:

Best regards,
Marica Bozeman
Bitcoin UK


This notification was sent to you from IP address:, because you received an incoming transfer associated with your email address.



This email is just a link, which may or may not verify your email address in the process, to a rather horrible website trying to persuade you to sign up to a 'beta testing' of some cryptocurrency site. 

https://btcprofit-en.online/ is a site claiming that you make money just be depositing and waiting and on a scale that is simply ridiculous. All of these websites are scams - there is no AI way of buying and selling Cryptocurrency that anyone would just share - they would just corner the market and Bitcoin would become worthless. Bitcoin is also complicated and clumsy to sell and so making money as an investment is hard and often slow.

This site is sending money overseas whereupon your own government has no power to retrieve it. If you are a US citizen then perhaps the FBI can help but the simple truth is that they put in a disclaimer to say that there is risk even though in the videos you make 25% in a few minutes. The actual company will be an off-shore entity in the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands and  completely untraceable to anyone. If you invest you will see your portfolio increase as they want you to invest more. As soon as you ask how to withdraw there will be a sudden crash in the market and you will lose most or all of your money.


The certificate also covers:


So you can be sure that these sites are the same scam operated by the same offshore syndicate.


There are review sites that pretend not to be affiliated with these scams:

The site http://www.cybermentors.org.uk/ may well be entirely a scam. They have taken a website that used to be an advice website for young people - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cybermentors - and probably hijacked it for use as a fake advice site on how to invest where they trick you into investing into scams. No one on this site is to be trusted and all of the reviews may well be faked. You should never invest in Bitcoin schemes online unless you are an experienced trader. You should only invest in established groups that you have verified are wholly owned in your own country and are regulated by trading standards and financial authorities.


Let us perform a quick test to see the outcome:


Let's see what response we get from the forum moderator - I notice you do not register and that all queries are moderated before being displayed which sounds more like a blog than a forum does it not?


Report these sites as phishing or misleading here:



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