Bitcoin Sucker

Bitcoin Sucker - a mockery of the fake crypto trading software and their recovery company buddies. When it comes to Bitcoins, these things suck!

What Is Bitcoin Sucker? Bitcoin Sucker  Bitcoin Sucker

Bitcoin Sucker is a comedy website that can be found at I know this because we made it as a joke a couple of years ago, as the scammers had used pretty much every Bitcoin... phrase available. 

We looked at the other fake autotrading AI sites and decided we wanted a more ridiculous name than Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Prime or Bitcoin Code, so we chose Bitcoin Sucker. The nice thing about the name Bitcoin Sucker, is that you would have to be a Bitcoin Sucker to be stupid enough to try and use it. After all, when it comes to Bitcoins, we suck!

So why oh why have the scammers suddenly started using this ridiculous name? As you can see below the Bing results are already showing multiple Bitcoin Sucker sites and various fake reviews, so what does this mean?

Could this be a sign that the perpetrators do not speak English well? Could it be that they are completely devoid of any sense of reality and actually think that we have devised a system in partnership with aliens that sucks Bitcoins out of the populous to be deposited into people's accounts? Do they just want to stop people see that we are taking the pee-pee out of them? What is this all about?

Well first of all, let's have a look at the Bitcoin Sucker video that we posted some time ago, just so that you can see how ridiculous the Bitcoin Sucker (BS) website is:

So it is fairly obvious that this is not a real product. Even if you already believe in aliens from outer-space, the idea that they have intercepted a broadcast of The Social Network and subsequently entered into a partnership with the Winklevoss Twins is surely too crazy to be believe by anyone, and yet there do seem to be people who send us their details without reading anything.

Let's have a look at a typical recovery company affiliate scammer, It is in this situation that their criminality really does become clear. 

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