Amazon Volatility SCAM!

Watch out for this website being proliferated by scammers:

Watch out for this website being proliferated by scammers:

You can see what happens when you sign up for the Amazon Share Volatility deal here:

This is yet another scam from the same page who do seem to run every scam we have ever heard of, plus a few they seem to have made up since then.

The scam is another campaign of misinformation designed to get you signed up with a broker who deals in CFD trading. CFD trading is highly speculative and very difficult to get right. You can easily lose your stake for all sorts of complex and seemingly insignificant reasons dictated by the terms and conditions of the broker you are dealing through. Network latency and other technical issues can cause issues for you as a CFD trader and with the broker being based in Lichtenstein, you will have no real capability to bring a law suit, even if the broker turns out to be real. There is a significant possibility that the broker is not really at the address on their site and that this particular site will disappear and they will simply start using the same trading interface (if it is real) on another site and continue their antics once more.

Do not sign up with any broker who is not culpable within your own territory and do not trade CFDs until you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. In general spread-betting is no less risky and does not incur capital gains tax like CFDs do. We're not saying that either is a good idea, but you should investigate all the possibilities before deciding what to trade rather than being tricked into a certain type of trading by these boiler room scams.

If you are a novice then buying real Amazon shares from a stockbroker is much safer but that is not official advice and we are not licensed to give any.


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