Scamazon Ads on does not appear to be a very useful site. They use RSS feeds, but without permission does not appear to be a very useful site. They use RSS feeds, but without permission as we found two of our articles copied onto their site.

Now normally we would be glad that the word is getting around, but this site is a combination of soft porn trying to get you signed up with questionable dating sites (probably fake and full of ridiculous pictures of girls supposedly from the Ukraine) and scams.

This sounds rather harsh, doesn't it. Well let's take a look at their fayre:

As you can see it is boobs and scams. And they are trying to use other people's material without consent to increase their rankings and views. So it seems only fair that we run a quick exposé to show the kind of material they are promoting.

Firstly, as you can see they are pushing the Scamazon scam top right, with two adverts for the same scam adjacent to each other.

If we click one of these:

The pop-up saying that Erica 'just paid out £834' is the only truth you get on this page from as it is pure scam, poor Erica or someone similar probably just did pay out their savings. Theses scammers are not affiliated with Amazon in any way and will not be selling you actual Amazon stock, but at best, CFDs in Amazon stock. Most likely they are just boiler room scammers who will bully you into investing tens of thousands and just keeping the money whilst you look at a fake broker interface and they change their name and disappear. The money will be sent to the Russian mafia by means of cryptocurrency and you will never see it again.

This Amazon scam is very similar to another one we saw yesterday at:

So let's have a look at these Amazon scams side-by-side, are they the same scam?

Well Amazon Trader quite clearly says at the bottom: The above software is fictitious and illustrative of arbitrage software offered on the market. The content of this website is purely for promotional purposes for a trading platform where the customer may be able to use similar software. The operator of this website dissociates itself as a precautionary measure from all statements of the operator of the trading platform towards the customer. The operator of this website points out that he knows neither the content of the website of the trading provider nor its operational procedures in detail and strongly recommends the visitor of this website to deal independently with the appropriate contents and statements.

And that is the age that we line in. If you cover yourself in the small print, you can write anything you wish upon the rest of the page. How ridiculous! The Amazon Trader website appears to be a copy of the BitQL site here: which has pretty much the same graphics in the same sections, even if the order is changed to hide the fact. The disclaimer at the bottom of BitQL is identical too.

The Amazon Stock scam appears to be an ad with the same purpose, just run by a different group of scammers. They do not have links to the same images repository as the first Amazon scam, but do appear top operate the same tactic of harvesting contact details and passing them on to boiler room scammers. These adverts are just as dangerous as each other.

So we can see that the content on is second-hand and many of the ads are just scams. We do not recommend trusting any links from this site. The quality of ads are just based on sex and money and so this site has no respect for their audience, they are just hoping you arrive because you searched for someone else's content and get ensnared in their soft porn and greed trap. We do not recommend using this site.







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