More Amazon Spam

More Amazon Spam Be careful of these monkey-faced balloon molesters:     v\:* {behavio

More Amazon Spam

Be careful of these monkey-faced balloon molesters:






  Prime Music is included with your Prime membership.







Dear Amazon Customer,

We have placed a hold on your Amazon account and all pending orders.

We took this action the billing information you provided did not match the information on file with the card issuer.

To resolve this issue, please verify now with the billing name, address, and telephone number registered to your payment card. if you have recently moved, you may need to update this information with the card issuer.

Simply click on the web address below :




if we are unable to complete the verification process within 3 days, all pending orders will be cancelled. You will not be able to access your account until this process has been completed. We ask that you not open new accounts as any new order you place may be delayed.

We appreciate your patience with our security measures.

Thank you for your concern.




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As you can see, these people obviously have personal trust issues. Our only wish, is that they move to a planet where everyone is as good as them...

The actual link points to: we tried to report it to LinkedIn but gave up trying to get through all of their automated BS.

Received from info at skyhighindia dot com 

It may be just a link builder to see which emails  are live??

Either way there is no site at that location; it is obviously a LinkedIn subsite.

Which we will report as usual.

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