Bright Investments


What is Bright Investments?

Well bright investments appear to be a campaign being operated by boiler room scammer affiliates from an email address being sent out to people who have previously registered their email address with other scam sites. We received such an email to one of our phantom email addresses that we use to sign up with all sorts of scams across the internet.

Today we received the following email:

From: [email protected] on behalf of Birgit Gerber
<[email protected]>
Sent: 16 March 2022 10:27
To: Justin King
Subject: This is a photo of you, Justin?

Hey Justin,

I may be totally off but I thought I saw you getting huge amounts of profit HERE:

Check this immediately.

Let me know anyway ok?

Best Regards,
Brigit Gerber

Birgit Gerber
5 Ropemaker Street
Middlesex EC1A4AB

This domain name above is continually used to send out dangerous and fraudulent material concerning fake crypto and forex robots that are used to defraud people. 

The check this immediately link takes you to 

Which redirects to a few different scams, including Bitcoin Code, Crypto Genius and 1K Daily Profit

But it also takes you through to the new site - Bright Investments: (

And another site they have now - Invest In Stocks (

In both cases the data appears to be sent to:"
These Are websites we have seen in many many scams over the years. is a scam site, and everything on it is a scam. That can only mean one thing.


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