Bitcoin Circuit

Bitcoin Circuit Who Are They? This is real text taken from their website. Now remember the ques

Bitcoin Circuit Who Are They?

This is real text taken from their website. Now remember the question - who are they?

We are looking at this site today:

It’s never easy to be smart. My brother and I both learned that growing up, but our parents never let it get us down. We got bullied quite a bit throughout the years, but this made us stronger.

You see, my brother loved math. He still does and probably always will. It’s tough to be a ‘Brainiac,’ with the ability to multiply and divide large numbers in your head. Of course, he had a reputation of being smart, and it got him shoved into a lot of lockers.

I’m not trying to make anyone pity us. Heck, if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be on this website learning more about us. It’s his love of numbers that made us even contemplate getting into the Bitcoin blitz.


So who are they? They haven't even mentioned any names yet, just a lot of cock'n'bull about being bullied at school, which I assure you these people were not. That is their tactic, they try to make you think that they are stupid, that if they can make a fortune, anyone can. But the thing is, they make a fortune by stealing from people. Stealing from people just like you and I. And that is how they do it, by talking to you like you're the same as them, like your friend. This is because all they want is your phone number.

Why Do Scammers Want My Phone Number So Bad?

Well, to start their boiler room scam. A boiler room is a very intense place, but there is no boiler. It is like a call centre where everybody is under a lot of pressure, just like in a boiler. The head honcho is on everybody's back trying to get them to make a successful fraud and everybody is working hard to achieve it. Every time someone is defrauded, everybody cheers. That is the sort of boiler room we mean.

Once they have your number then they will stop at nothing to get your money. These scams are based upon endurance and bullying. They will make you feel worthless if you do not put in more and more money. They will tell you that you are wasting their time. They will tell you that you have misrepresented yourself, and that you have to invest because you said you would. They will say whatever it takes to get your money.

Where Does My Money Go?

Most likely, straight into cryptocurrency where it immediately becomes untraceable. You might be able to find activity based upon a wallet id, ut you will not find out where your money went. 

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