Yahoo Finance are Advertising Scams

Watch out for Yahoo Finance showing scam ads. We have searched high and low and can find no way to r

Watch out for Yahoo Finance showing scam ads. This particular one is a paid advert by the scammers Bitcoin Profit:

We have searched high and low and can find no way to report these scams on their advertising pages:

The scammer link below is sourced from a PR company (if they can be described as that whilst keeping your food down) to be found at:

United Kingdom, London, December 28, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, The Truth Exposed, Learn how traders are making up to $1,350 by introducing Bitcoin Profit into their cryptocurrency strategy.

Getting acclimated to the cryptocurrency world can be challenging, but Bitcoin Profit aims to bridge this gap by providing traders with every tool they need to begin earning. Bitcoin Profit has been created to make trading available and profitable to traders of every skill level. The platform connects traders to the top private brokers in their area based on GEO location, granting them access to industry experts eager to help them succeed.

Bitcoin Profit allows even inexperienced traders to reach maximum growth potential by offering live education, e-books, and videos. Another option for traders with limited experience is fund management services, in which Bitcoin Profit’s private brokers will carefully and grow any investment. The program even provides a massive selection of premium trading tools such as calendars, trading calculators, and analytics that are available immediately upon sign up.


By operating as a functional news platform, Bitcoin Profit instantly delivers exclusive updates to traders. In this capacity, they gain insight into critical market events and details that can influence their trading decisions. These notifications can be delivered through SMS, e-mail, or another means to guarantee immediate delivery to Bitcoin Profit traders. Their private brokers also guarantee the top speed and up-time, so traders never miss a profitable opportunity.

A primary concern when investing in cryptocurrency is often hidden fees. Bitcoin Profit thwarts that issue by guaranteeing traders will never encounter hidden fees. Their private brokers offer trading options with $0 spreading for those looking to experiment with their strategies. When it’s time to withdraw funds, Bitcoin Profit connects traders with key payment providers. Although Bitcoin is the leading choice, traders can link their accounts to credit cards and banks, making deposits simple as well.

Joining Bitcoin Profit means traders can work with seasoned financial experts who boast up to 89% accuracy daily. Bitcoin Profit supports MT4, MT5, Web Trading, and even automated trading for those who have developed their strategies. While using this platform, traders can enjoy complete privacy and security, as all transactions are protected by 256 bit AES encryption, the most powerful encryption technology available.

Bitcoin Profit reviews are praising this service for its ability to deliver real-time support and tangible results. Getting started with a free account is simple and straightforward. After making a minimum deposit of $250 to a private broker, traders will be contacted by their new account manager, who will continue to set them up for success. With a redefined cryptocurrency strategy, Bitcoin Profit will then direct traders to a professional financial team, and they can watch as their investments begin to accumulate. With the ability to yield $1,350 in earnings, Bitcoin Profit acts as the all-in-one resource for trading success.

To learn more about Bitcoin Profit App, please visit Bitcoin profit Official Website

Media Contact:

Company: Bitcoin Profit App
Name: Herald Jones
Address: 12 Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +447451277972
Email: [email protected] 
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Website URL:

The Post Bitcoin Profit Ultimate Review – Does really Traders are making up to $1,000 Daily? appeared first on Zex PR Wire here:

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Now the above address appears to be that of a pawnbrokers according to this site:


12 Aldermans Hill, London
Cashpoint image

12 Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London, N13 4PJ

020 8886 1492

Palmers Green


MONDAY Opens 10:00 - Closes 18:00
TUESDAY Opens 10:00 - Closes 18:00
 WEDNESDAY Opens 10:00 - Closes 18:00
THURSDAY Opens 10:00 - Closes 18:00
FRIDAY Opens 10:00 - Closes 18:00
SATURDAY Opens 10:00 - Closes 18:00


Which is also the address of Bitpoint who appear to be some sort of Bitcoin ATM machine company, from:

BitPoint is a bitcoin ATM operator with currently six bitcoin machines installed in London, United Kingdom


12 Alderman's Hill, Palmers Green, N13 4PJ


Email Us


As well as this company it has also been the address for another entity, NEW PLATFORM LTD company number: 07529742 with the director Georgi Kostadinov MERAZCHIEV from Bulgaria using the address above but they may not have a connection wit the above, there are several Eastern European websites confirming the above address for Bitcoin Profit. 

You can see the page in it's eerie glory here:
Here are Yahoo Finance linking to the scammers:

Here are the scammers sending you through to a boiler room scam:

Who seem to have a bit of a rough reputation:


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