Investment Plan - SCAM


More happy people and bitcoin fortunes are to be made according to the latest scams online:

Firstly we see the email from [email protected], explaining that we are a very lucky person on a very lucky day:

These unsubscribe and abuse links: and: take you through to:[string] which has been shut down, whereas the go to account link takes you through to: whereupon you arrive at the site below: 

This site has links that take you to: which forwards you to: which is the site above.

Contact details are sent to: so that they can call you to begin their boiler room scamming..

All of the above eventually send you through to a new scammer page called Bitcoin Profit: is a constant bugbear with their incessant mobile device scams and financial fraud pages.

They are impersonating every country's phone providers in order to ensnare you into a pointless subscription scam:

We tried speaking to their customer service number:


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