are definitely one of the biggest scammers around at the moment (in 2021-2022) as they are hosting pretty much every boiler room scam campaign on the internet at the moment. From the list below you can see that they are already hosting:

Which is a fair litany for a single scammer web server. Just about every current CFD broker / boiler room scam going.

The links from their emails (for instance [email protected]) bounce through but these sites do not appear to give away much such as an address or phone number. They are hidden behind CloudFlare and appear to be run along the same lines as the other scam sites. We think that it is likely that the site is run by people who either design some of the scammer sites or who are under the instruction of the same people.

We can say that whoever runs this site is into almost every scam concerning auto-trader sites to catch boiler room scam victims, here is a quick rundown of the ones we know about on that server: