eKrona - Danish Krona Boiler Room Scam

Watch out for the latest site promising eKrona cryptocurrency wealth. If you are not a regular on th

Watch out for the latest site promising eKrona cryptocurrency wealth. If you are not a regular on this channel you may not know that the majority of what we do here is review boiler room scammer sites and try to protect people from them.

We also keep an eye on the occasional scammer trader where the boiler room scam is actually carried out. These are offshore Caribbean or Cypriot brokers that do not really trade, they just steal your money and give you a fake web interface to stare at while they make their getaway.

Here is a typical example of their pitch, today for a decentralised cryptocurrency that for some reason is based on a centralised Swedish currency which hangs of the back of the US dollar, just like every other non gold-standard based currency (of which, since the 'Arab Spring' none remain.)

Everything about this video is very typical of their scam. Bad actor in bad suit with bad lighting from either Europe, the US or Australia, talking absolute nonsense about what cryptocurrency is, what it can do, and how much money you can make by trading it.

These scams typically revolve around a company in St Vincent's and the Grenadines or Cyprus with a call centre based in your own country defrauding you by pressuring you into depositing money into a trading account through cryptocurrency.

They then proceed to give you a fake website trader tool that emulates MT4 or MT5 meta-trader type software whilst the cryptocurrency you have just bought finds its way to the Russian mafia.

You can have a look at their scammer site here:

They use the same keycdn servers as most of the other scammers, and so they are either purchasing the scams from the same boiler rooms or they are part of the same affiliate network. They use the same sites and tactics as all of the other scammers and so are obviously associated with the same scams.

As you can see the sign-up just takes you through to ICGMarkets.com boiler room scammers website who are, as you may have guessed, registered here: Company Information: IGC’s operated by MaxxMedia LLC and has the company registration number: 1162 LLC 2021. Our registered address is: First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown St. The company number is: +442045255570.

As you can see they have a UK call centre number and are registered in St Vincent's and the Grenadines and have no obligation to follow any regulation in Europe, the US, Australia or Canada.


Do not sign-up with these boiler room scammers!

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