Alphabet Stock Scams

Alphabet Stock Scams   There are currently fake news ads running on FaceBook and other platform

Alphabet Stock Scam

Alphabet Stock Scams

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There are currently fake news ads running on FaceBook and other platforms regarding investing in Alphabet stock. These ads take you through to a page that resembles this:

Which is obviously something other than buying stock from Alphabet.

What is the Alphabet Stock Scam?

Let's have a look at their video to see what we can ascertain:

So here we can see what they are proposing. That Google has suddenly decided to make software that automatically buys and sells shares online and always makes a profit. This is a very familiar claim, and anyone telling you that a large company has suddenly decided to develop e software that will make people with no trading experience rich, is a liar and it trying to defraud you.

No computer software trades stock reliably, as stock markets are affected by external forces, and the computers do not have access to these external forces and do not understand them, even with AI.

What does the Alphabet Stock Scam Do?

It certainly appears that the Alphabet stock scam is another autotrader robot scam that seeks to get $250 of your money and your contact details so that they can pass these details on to their offshore scammers who will pretend that they broker CFDs when in actuality they are just scammers hiding behind trader tools and services to cover up the fact that your money never goes anywhere except into their pockets. These 'broker' houses are rooms full of young people from your country scamming on commission for the creators of these scams. Typically they will try and get remote control of your computer and buy cryptocurrency using your credit or debit card. They may also transfer money from your bank account to another overseas account. This is the scam. There is no brokerage or trading involved, they just make up an interface that resembles trading to keep you busy while they disappear. 

How Can I Avoid Buying Fake Alphabet Stock?

If you wish to invest in Alphabet or Apple or Microsoft then go to a local stockbroker in your town and buy some stock. Do not risk an online third party you do not know well. The trick to staying safe is to decide what you want to do and then go and see a local provider of those services. They will be keen to get your business and offer you advice on what to do. They are also accountable and responsible for the advice they give and will be regulated by the FCA or an equivalent in your country. If you know their address and they have been in your town for a while then they can be trusted far more safely than an internet company.

Who Can I Report Fake Alphabet News To?

Report it to whichever advertising platform you find these fake news articles on. The more that a platform can be made aware that customers are unhappy, the more action it will take. Adverts are only as valuable as the number of people seeing and clicking them and as soon as people start to go elsewhere because of adverts, the sooner a platform will start to take notice. If adverts are responsible for website visitors declining then they will soon be gotten rid of.

Can I Get My Money Back From the Alphabet Stock Scam?

If you have used your credit card then you you must go to the credit card firm and say it was an illegal purchase and have the company retract the payment. If it was a debit card then you need to speak to the bank and pressure them into performing a chargeback on the transaction. If it was a transfer then it is more difficult as it may have gone overseas by an IBAN number. Whatever the case, you need to act quickly to recover your funds.

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