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What is the Netflix Scam? How Does it Appear on FaceBook Ads? Why do FaceBook Allow This? Why do Nex

Netflix Investors Scam Investors Scam on Facebook


Let's take a look at this FaceBook ads scam pertaining to be from Netflix.

First of all we are going to take note of the URL web address in the address bar of our browser: which is obviously not a Netflix site, in fact it is not even a address, t is what we call a subdomain. Pro9 has been added to the domain netfl-smart.xyw and xyz domains are nearly always bad news.

This site is not only unconnected to Netflix, but is not of a reputable origin.

Let's have a look at the site contents:

The video is particularly telling, in that it is the same old scam. The only difference being that they have upped the initial investment to $500 from $250. They are claiming that you are investing in Netflix, but the 'wait for out agent to call you back' instruction makes it clear that this is the same old fake broker scam. The voiceover is obviously from a robot which means they are either too cheap to hire an actor, want to hide their identity, or cannot easily and convincingly speak English. All of these options indicate that this is nothing to do with Netflix.

Here is the video on YouTube:

What is the Netflix Scam?

So it appears that the Netflix scam is just another financial scam and has nothing to do with Netflix whatsoever. The domain and videos used are unconvincing, even though they have obviously stolen parts of it directly from Netflix. The voiceover is cheap and has no obvious connection to the video as no one is ever seen speaking in sync or giving us a proper demonstration of anything in real time.

The instructions to pay $500 dollars and await our call are plainly ridiculous and are not in keeping with any real provision of service or investment.

The adverts are obviously fake news and designed to defraud.

How Does it Appear on FaceBook Ads?

The Facebook ad platform is currently the favourite platform for the scammers as FaceBook are so lax and unscrupulous with the vetting of their advertising. It appears that whatever automatic system that FaceBook employs as their verification algorithm has long since been overcome by the scammers. The ads are repeated and repeated and even though many people claim to be reporting them, the income is still more important to FaceBook than the safety of their users. This is a bad state of affairs.

Why do FaceBook Allow This?

FaceBook will most definitely claim that they are very strict about their ad platform content and that they every advert is analysed, but the truth is far short of this. The adverts appear to be almost invariably scammer adverts and even if they are not definitely scams, they are some online course to become a trader or seller that will almost certainly fall short of their own promises. This is a sign that the FaceBook advertising space is not worth much and that they are selling the space to the highest bidder regardless of intent.

Why do Nextflix Allow This?

Netflix are probably unaware of the scale of these scams and are very difficult to contact in any meaningful way apart from customer services agents who have no idea how to address such a problem. The feeling online is that no one cares in these giant corporations. The feeling here is that the whole Internet is about to collapse with stupidity and dishonesty.

What Happens if I Sent Money to these People?

That money is sent overseas or into cryptocurrency as soon as possible and the scammers are unlikely to have to return it. They will get the money shared out amongst their gang and ensure it is not recoverable. These gangs tend to operate groups of scammers in the English speaking world countries and 

Can I get my Money Back? 

If you sent your money by credit card then your card issuer will be able to help. If you used a debit car then your bank will need to perform a charge back which they can do if you pressure them into doing so. You do not need any external services to help with this, many of which are after a second bite of your money for nothing.

If you paid by transfer then you should contact your bank, if you paid by crypto then you are going to have more difficulty.


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