Watch out for this scam, aimed at the Portuguese and Spanish people,

Watch out for this scam, aimed at the Portuguese and Spanish people, although there is an English language version that they haven't bothered to make a video for.

As you can see it is the same website as normal with a few new logos, but the usual 'Hurry, there are only limited places remaining!' is still present at the top.

The contact for is still the same ruse, although they have added another sidebar so it is always visible.

The steps are still the same to get signed up.

And the supposed profits from other users in contravention to GDPR and privacy are still present.

What is the app?

Why you should use it.

All of the usual chapters are here.

With impossible statements like:

AppDinero is a state-of-the-art software that allows any user without any knowledge in online trading to generate profits from home in a simple and effortlessly way.

Which is ridiculous.

Then the idiotic testimonials from various stock photo people, supposedly in Spanish speaking countries.

Then there is the frequently asked questions section, as always.

And finally the awards and the [email protected] email, which gives away their actual website. But from the UK we are forwarded to where we see: 

So no luck for the British. Oh well.


Stay away from these scammers at all costs!


Their IP address is on a Google server hosting GoDaddy parked domains

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