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Onyx ForEx - Nick Deflorio, the Italian in Sydney This is a scam based upon the same strategy as 1K

Onyx ForEx | Nick Deflorio | Leonardo Capital | The Platinum Club

We have recently been contacted by Onyx asking that we reconsider this review and so we have undertaken to make sure this review of Onyx and their on-line presence is fair and based on fact alone. Onyx promise a great future for prospective traders by signing on to their video training courses and have several websites showing their wares:

www.onyxforextrading.com | www.onyxfxglobal.com/free-training |  onyx-fx-platinum.mykajabi.com | www.onyxtrader.com

They are not to be confused with this MT4 ForEx Broker in California: http://onyxtoken.shop/index.asp

Onyx ForEx run the Trading Accelerator 2.0 course for $1497 USD and the trading accelerator 1.0 course for $4997 USD (although this is presumably to make the newer 2020 mk 2.0 course appear as amazing value as you no longer seem to be able to buy mk 1.0) 

The course is made up of recorded videos that have investment advice as well as many messages from what are described as live attendees from the time of recording. 

Onyx ForEx are upfront about the fact that not everyone may see the same results: 

*Earnings and income representations made by Nick Deflorio, Onyx  and their advertisers/sponsors (collectively, "Leonardo Capital") are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results. 

Onyx offer a very similar promise to that of the 1K daily profit site - earn $1000 dollars per day every day from your laptop without doing much work just following these ideas on the ForEx market. Now Foreign Exchange is very volatile and it can lose you everything in a very short space of time if coupled with leveraging (multiples of risk meaning that you can win or lose hundreds of times your original stake or deposit) and Onyx are selling courses on how to trade ForEx, possibly with CFDs. The ratings on TrustPilot are confusing as they state clearly that the results on the website are not typical, in other words, you will not achieve this, so why aren't more people complaining?

Now none of this is strictly illegal and may well be a reasonable way to learn to trade ForEx if you cannot find another resource. This may just be a trader who wants to help everyone from the goodness of their heart. It could also be that they are not as successful at trading as they let people imagine, and to supplement their trading income they have decided to make money out of selling courses that guarantee them a steady income.

Is there anything wrong with that attitude? No, it is a way of making sure money in a time when markets are extremely uncertain.

But the Onyx tactics for gaining an online presence are suspicious, firstly the website shows these companies inferring association:

Onyx have no articles whatsoever on Yahoo Finance and have only a paid advert on Yahoo India which is not an article at all. This is a clear and undoubted sign of deception.
Medium is a site of articles written by all sorts of people but we could find no mention of Onyx Forex anywhere
We have no idea who this is but they seem to be based out of Bangladesh and Singapore
Are a magazine online that are not specifically to do with trading, but Onyx do appear to have an article there. This whole magazine appears to be suspect to us, as if it is just an SEO linking service as all of the news appears to be about business success stories from named individuals with links to their sites  who have recently come from nothing.

Let's have a look at their online profile and see what they are really made of.

Firstly https://www.theamericanreporter.com/nick-deflorio-the-founder-in-onyx-forex-whose-main-focus-is-customers-success/

Let's have a look at this article: 

Nick Deflorio started as a real estate agent back in 2016. (http://www.speakingsame.com/agent.php?ph=0449934460&name=Nick+Deflorio appears to verify this) Despite making good money, he realizes that something was missing and that was freedom and flexibility. He quit his full-time job in a high-end real estate company, and pursued trading as a lifestyle business, and pushed himself to become the best trader. This is when he made some realization when his colleague who worked the same job as him made extra income on the side of trading the financial markets. He now runs Onyx Forex Review and trades on the side as he still wants to practice what he preached. Aside from his $250,000 in profits last year through the global pandemic, he helped over 400 students break free from their solo incomes and create a lucrative $500-$1,000 a day income through the click of a few buttons on their phone.

Now the 'American Reporter' was the first newspaper online not to be just re-told stories from printed newspapers. But it went out of print in 2016 when the originator of the project died. This news site is not the same news source, they have just hijacked the name. Judging by the way that so may articles are targeting an Indian audience, and that the copyright logo still says 2019 I think we can assume that this is no longer a reputable paper, and that it is run out of a country other than America.

Then he is on Yahoo here: https://in.news.yahoo.com/nick-deflorio-founder-onyx-forex-091430186.html but they do state: (Syndicated press content is neither written, edited or endorsed by ED Times.) So this is a paid ad from a syndication network and has nothing in it being checked by Yahoo at all. There is also no mention of this company or individual on Yahoo Finance, they just use the logo to pretend as much.

Next we see he is in: https://businessdeccan.com/nick-deflorio-the-guy-behind-onyx-forex-review-a-beginner-friendly-but-extremely-profitable-online-trading/ which claim to be in 47193 Romines Mill Road, Dallas, Texas 75247 which is an address that Google Maps say does not exist. You would expect Google on address in America to be correct.

If we look for a review, we see:

Onyxforextrading.com Review: Nick Deflorio's Trading School ...topedgefx.com › onyxforextrading-com-review-...

12 Feb 2021 — Onyx Forex trading Review: Is Nick Deflorio's a scam or a legit professional trader? Read our review of OnyxForextrading to find out.
Unfortunately, this site appears to have been banned: 

So we can see that the websites are written articles from Fiverr.com or similar and that they are designed to give rankings and appear legit rather than being based upon any business dealings that Onyx has done or any trading expertise.

There are many glowing reviews on TrustPilot which may well be legit, but there is a review of his site here that may be of interest:

Everything Nick teaches you in his course you can learn for free on YouTube the course costs US$1500 when you buy the course you get invitation to join the exclusive Facebook group.
What’s in this group? Nothing. Just everyday some new sucker introducing themselves.
The group has over 1000 members by now. 1500x1000=1500000. This dude made 1.5 mil in a year selling courses that contain info you can get for free!! If anyone reading this before you purchase watch:
RocksFx, Swag Academy, Kinzo Forex, Cue Banks, AstroFX, TY, Daniel SavageFX.
You can learn everything and more watching these guys on YouTube whichever area in trading you have trouble with. Just type in forex for beginners instead of watching a webinar filled with beautiful promises.
Conclusion: this dude doesn’t trade forex. He doesn’t have to. He makes a ton of money selling courses to suckers.
Most real forex mentors sell their courses between 300-500 not 1500! Be careful people.
One last thing, his golden strategy. It’s just simple Fibonacci. You can learn it for free.

So it seems obvious that Onyx is not criminal in the same way as Bitcoin Circuit or something like that, he may well be recycling information you can learn for free, but people buy it willingly. In general you can learn anything from a book and you do not need a video webinar (which is a one way chat that offers no interaction on these sites) which moves at it's own pace rather than yours.

We do encourage people to seek out RocksFx, Swag Academy, Kinzo Forex, Cue Banks, AstroFX, TY, Daniel SavageFX on YouTube before signing up for any course, as advised by the reviewer of Onyx, but if you are the sort of person who needs everything explained to you on video, this may be a good course. The webinar and ranking tactics are dodgy enough for us to issue caution but no more.

Nick is obviously concerned about his on-line image. He has promised to, but is still yet to remove questionable material from his website at our request. His insistence that we remove this review is unusual as internet reviews are the natural course of things, and we consider this review a fair one. He has also made cash offers to try and persuade us to remove this site, which is presumably what happened to the topedgefx.com site. The majority of Onyx Trading reviews are very positive but we have not verified them as real or otherwise. Although there is misrepresentation being made here in terms of marketing, the actual course may well just be a method of trading being taught by someone who prefers to instruct than trade. If you want a video course in trading, just be sure that Onyx agree clear terms concerning refunds before you start.

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