oculustrade.com - Swiss Broker?

oculustrade.com - Swiss Broker? Whenever you are dealing with a financial company you have to know a

oculustrade.com - Swiss Broker? 

Whenever you are dealing with a financial company you have to know a few things a bout them. This most definitely includes where they are and how they are regulated. When we look at Oculus Trade this information should be obvious and substantial, and yet we are finding it very difficult to work out even who they are.

When a site says: © 2020 - 2021 Trading. All rights reserved it is cause for concern. They appear to have missed the name of their company off of the website. 

They state their address as: Europaallee 8, Zurich, Switzerland which appears to be a shopping centre to us:

Certainly no mention of any brokers, and anyway it is too vague an address, it gives no office number or floor.

There is an email address of: [email protected] but this may never be answered by anyone. There does not appear to be a phone number or live chat.

When we look at the FAQs section, we see a rather odd set of statements:

OculusTrade Capital Markets customers typically sign up for automated trading. This is a third-party auto trading software that is linked to our platform and activates itself directly or a few days after activating a trading account.

OculusTrade Capital Markets specializes in manual trading. We guide all of our clients in manual trading and we also strive to explain the difference between automated and manual trading.

All of our customers have the right to choose between manual and automated trading.

They are claiming that when you register and pay your $250 deposit, that a few days later the automated trader magic starts to occur exactly as promised by Bitcoin Loophole and Brexit Millionaire.

This is an indicator to us, that this broker is in deep with these marketing 'campaigns' like Bitcoin Loophole and nay very well be run by the same people or their partners. This broker is not just suspicious, they are fraudsters and should be barred from collecting money.

VERDICT: oculustrade.com ARE A: SCAM !!

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