[email protected] has received file(s) via WeTransfer

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email@domain.com has received file(s) via WeTransfer - Spam Warning!!


We are seeing more WeTransfer spam emails than ever...


The spam below is sent to your address and your email address (not your full name as you will notice) is used to insist this email was sent from a legitimate source.







[email protected]

You have received files via WeTransfer


2 files, 2.3 MB in total · Will be deleted on Nov 22, 2018

Get your files


 The actual 'get your files' link takes you through to:

https://eelascopaulss.com/assets/img/team/[email protected]

Which in turn, takes you through to:

The system does what most of these spam pages do, and tells you your password is wrong so that you re-type so they can check for typos. Once you have typed it a second time you see:

Whereupon you redirected to the real WeTransfer pages..

Mark the site as deceptive and the email source as spam.

The page is already marked as deceptive in Microsoft Edge.

We have sent a report to Google to update Chrome also.

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