[UPDATES]: recipient Please Verify Account for [email protected]

[UPDATES]: recipient Please Verify Account for [email protected]   We have seen the followi

[UPDATES]: recipient Please Verify Account for [email protected]


We have seen the following email arriving this week: 

From: Mail IT [mailto:[email protected]]


domain.com Online Maintenance Portal




recipient You are advised to Update your [email protected] to the new upgraded mail version to avoid service delay with your email within 72hr.


Please   VISIT  the maintenance link to Automatically switch to the new upgraded mail version.


Best regards.
©Security Admin Team 2019



The 'visit' link actually takes you to: https://eatsumore.com/whiteandred/redseaseason/whiteseaseason/mistake/updatedfile/converts/update/[email protected]

Which shows the following:

No matter what you type, it tells you the password is wrong so you re-type it and then, as we told it our email address is domain.com, it just sends you to www.domain.com.

This site should be reported as fraudulent and the email source markes as spam.


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