Intuit Invoice Message - Spam Warning !!

Intuit Invoice Message  - Spam Warning !!   This spam email has appeared before and is bac

Intuit Invoice Message  - Spam Warning !!


This spam email has appeared before and is back - a fake quickbooks email trying to get accounts settled - you would've thought they could just look it up on Quickbooks to verify if it was real or not...

Anyway obviously it was a hit last time and so here it is again:





From:                                                       Intuit Inc. <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                        Date

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   Intuit Invoice Message



Stop waiting weeks for checks to arrive.


Intuit QuickBooks


Dear customer,

 This Paid Invoice notice has been delivered to you by Intuit Services. Make sure you click the web link below to see details.

Your Invoice number: INV15725690 has been settled and now available below.

See details

We appreciate your business and thank you so much for utilizing Intuit Services.


Need help?.

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The 'see details' link actually points to:[query_code]=[query_string] 

I'm not sure what a slim scrubber actually is but it sounds like an appealing idea.

The domain is showing as on a GoDaddy parked page at

And yet they have code behind it?

Is this a fake parked page?


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