[email protected] sent you files via WeTransfer

[email protected] sent you files via WeTransfer   This is an email we are including just bec

[email protected] sent you files via WeTransfer


This is an email we are including just because this service is used so often that it can catch you out if you are in a hurry...

WeTransfer is of course the planets favourite way of sending larger files via email.

This email does look vaguely like a WeTransfer email but it does show a link of the download as https://lingkaran.com.my/cs/wetransfer/ which obviously is not WeTransfer.com

They are using a secure site though which is still up and running in Malaysia.

We took the precaution of sending them a message to inform them of the directory they should remove.




From:                                                       [email protected]

Sent:                                                         19 February 2019 02:52

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   [email protected] sent you files via WeTransfer






[email protected] 
sent you some files

1 file, 59.5 MB in total Will be deleted on 2 march, 2019

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Google and Microsoft have already blocked the site as deceptive and it is quite convincing:


The website doesn't actually seem to give out a file, just to get your email address and password as many of these sites do nowadays.

In the hope they can login to your services and steal information or your identity to impersonate you.


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