You got invoice from DocuSign Service - SPAM WARNING !!!

You got invoice from DocuSign Service - SPAM WARNING !!!   Another Spam Docusign email from the

You got invoice from DocuSign Service - SPAM WARNING !!!


Another Spam Docusign email from the DocuSign Electronic Signature Service <[email protected]> (at least in this case) has been doing the rounds. The email is another attempt to build spam lists to sell on to others by encoding your email address in a link and then pretending that the site is just a GoDaddy holding page.

This particular one is not terribly convincing:


From:                                                       DocuSign Electronic Signature  Service <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         14 February 2019 16:44

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   You got invoice from DocuSign Service








Please review and sign the document.


Dear Recipient,

Please review this invoice
It is an electronically generated invoice.


This note holds a secure link to DocuSign. Do not show this access code with other people.

Other Signing Way
Visit, click on 'Access Documents', and enter the code: C49BCABEF7

About Our Service
Sign invoice electronically in just minutes. It's safe. If you are in an office, at home or on-the-go -- DocuSign gives a professional solution for Digital Operations .

Questions about an Invoice?
In case you need to modify an invoice or have concerns , please contact the sender by emailing them directly.

If you cannot see an invoice, visit the Help page on our support .

This message was sent to you by DocuSign Electronic Signature Service.



 The 'View Document' link actually points to: which does go to show tha th e greed of the domain registraras is a huge factor in how some of these domains ever get registered - what would you want for under any circumstances anyway? 

Anyway please do not click the link and help them build their scrawny lists and report the source email as a spam source and the site as phishing to Google and MS please.

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