Forex Trading Robots - Can you make an Easy Profit?

Forex Trading Robots - Can you make an Easy Profit?   Well can you? Of course not! There is no

Forex Trading Robots - Can you make an Easy Profit?


Well can you? Of course not! No robot earns money on your behalf, how could a market survive if it could?

There is no such thing as a fully automated ForEx robot system that is resold to the public. Anyone who is developing such a robot is either at a bank or is being investigated by the FBI. These websites (,,,,,,,,,,, ) which are either promoting this ForEx robot nonsense or selling it, are owned and operated by the same criminal entities and although we continue to report them, they still operate.

There is no such thing as an easy profit, everything to do with trading is highly dangerous financially, as there is so much competition for the money in the ForEx market.

Spread-betting can be a highly volatile market and you can lose a fortune very easily. If you keep betting you will eventually lose everything you have! Having a clear understanding of the market and where demand will be rising is vital in order to make continued profit and even the best in the world lose money now and again.

The most important question to ask about trading robots is this - if you had invented a robot or AI system that had learned to make money in any market, would you sell it on? What would be the point - it would only dilute the profits it could be making for you. If it is being successful most of the time and learning as it goes then your capital is increasing. Why would you even want anyone else to know, never mind start advertising. Any market depends on uncertainty and unpredictability or it will collapse. If I knew which horse was going to win every race in advance then would I tell everyone? Of course not, the bookies would go out of business and I would get nothing. Trading computers are not a resource to be trusted unless you built it and know what it can do!




ForEx and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency are not ideas or technologies that easily coexist. Anyone telling you they are an experienced ForEx trader and are recommending Bitcoin investment are operating under suspicious circumstances. While it is true that both Foreign and Cryptocurrency markets both rise and fall due to supply and demand, to understand one does not offer any understanding of the other. ForEx markets move through currency exchanges whilst Cryptocurrencies run through an electronic system that charges a flat fee based on the processing required to complete the transaction; the markets are therefore very different.

A true AI system running the numbers on markets is a great notion. It wouldn't take much to explain to an AI that numbers going up is good and numbers going down is good as long as you have bought the ones going up and sold the ones going down. An AI would be capable of learning patterns that are completely beyond any person, all you would have to do is give it the last ten years of market trading on every stock. Once you have categorised each company into a particular market then you release the AI with a pot of fake money and when it starts to make more than it loses you can set it free on the market, right? Well that is possible - most market trades are made by computers running algorithms, but they tend to run on ideas a basis of quick gain. If an AI sees a buy trade coming it buys the stock in advance and then sells just afterwards.



Unsurprisingly, they often list Phil Collins as a favourite...

An AI that trades all by itself is a different entity altogether. As one AI starts trading then it will have a pattern. that pattern may get noticed by an AI trading in that market looking for predictable patterns. In other words, no matter what any AI is doing, another AI will add inconsistency to the market and break the model. AIs will learn the basics of the market that humans created a while back but they will not learn the market of today as it is influenced by every type of AI thinking. There is no easy model no matter how much you your AI learns. In short, making money isn't easy so don't invest with anyone who tells you it is.

As you can see from this Google search page:


The sites exposing the fraud are being outranked by Adwords adverts so that Google's own intentions are being overridden by their own ads. This is a dangerous situation and we have reported it to Google today. A fake Qprofit review site - it recommends the site but it is a paid ad on adwords - who is paying? Another paid ad pertaining to be a review of the QProfit system, even though just below the ads there are sites warning you that the Qprofit system is fraudulent. This ia an alternative URL for the same scam As you can see - there is invariably a dedicated page with its own URL including QProfit every time - all of these are the same fake reviews by the scam site owner Another review, this time discussing the alleged person behind the site. Once again the page has QProfit in the URL Da Vinci definitely would not have followed the advice on this site - it recommends QProfit scammers! This website URL is full of keywords trying to attract decent traffic and scam people in search of money online. Presumably some of these sites are hacked as they barely even make sense. The reason people say Qprofit is a scam is because it is though!


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