Is my domain a brand able one?

Well this question is very much one whose answer depends on the type of domain you have. Oh, there a

Well this question is very much one whose answer depends on the type of domain you have. Oh, there are types?

Yes well there are actually. i 'm not talking about whether or not they are .com or .de but whether they are brandable, descriptive, copycat (bought defensively or hope of generating traffic based on the success of a similar domain or the same prefix but another suffix) or amusing.

For instance I could register (at the time of writing) which is a fairly well known domain marketplace amongst domainers in the US but they have not chosen to secure their domain name here. Interesting as so many purchases are influenced by the threat of others buying a domain that will suddenly inherit a lot of your business. Not long ago we were trying to sell to and they were instantly interested but the enthusiasm dried up as we continued to try and clinch the deal as all of the SEO and rebranding seemed unnecessary to the directors as most of their business was generated by pricing and good account management. Now I see that the domain has been resold on from the broker we sold to and is simply a forwarding page to which seems a bit of a waste given that the domain broker is bound to have a hefty profit and a simple forward does them no good at all as far as SEO is concerned. And so there we have an example of a copycat domain and a domain that is descriptive. would be a copycat domain (which may well land you in court were you to buy it in the hope of blackmailing later) and which is a very high quality descriptive domain - it tells you instantly and exactly what is going to be found an that site.

OK so now let us talk about brand able domains. Brand able domains are not usually really normal words are they - at least not in the context that they are used. is a brand but it is not a word the way it is spelt. It is a misspelling of a site for people who have come to be known as Flippas (flippers) and that brand has been built on the idea that with the right timing and marketing you can buy a domain and flip it back onto the market later at a large profit. There are successful Filppas out there but all in all it is a brand built on the success of a few and amounts to not much more than a big game of poker and so there are always five losers for every winner.

So what makes a domain brand able? well it has to be short(ish), catchy, dynamic and usually needs to enthuse the reader with a desire. We are currently marketing (here: for instance. Now as a descriptive domain it is pretty boring. Unless you want to sell the centre of wheels to people or networking equipment it is a non starter, right? But what about if we started a snappy chat forum for husbands of the UK to get together and talk about cars and powertools? Suddenly it has become more exciting and dynamic. It is in cases like these that the brand based domain selling sites become more interesting. They are much more difficult to sign up to for sure - they can take two months just to decide not to list your domain. On top of this you have to make it sexy and usable in advance with a logo etc. - in other words you have to make it desirable before you start as they do not let any other kind of domain on the site - and this is of course where the import issues are obvious. The Brandroot website is a brand in itself. They cannot allow second rate domains or indeed second rate users on their site. When you come to list a domain or website on Brandroot you have to have gotten excited about it yourself and put in the work to get others excited about it before you even submit your idea. Once you have come up with your idea though there are good investors on Brandroot and they have the money to make an idea work.

So if you have a marketing flair within you and you spot a domain that you feel you can get people excited about that domain then brand able domains are a mush better ROI than descriptive as everyone has thought of those already. This is domain brokering for the next big thing and there are new start-ups all the time.

Happy hunting everyone !!!

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