I want a giant iPad for the living room wall !!

Today someone was asking me about connecting an Android TV to their corporate network and although i

Today someone was asking me about connecting an Android TV to their corporate network and although it can be done we are very interested to see what sort of pricing Microsoft will be doing with these and if they can authenticate against a Windows domain in some way. I just hope Microsoft don't show their usual level of greed with the licensing costs and follow the Google thinking that providing the biggest share of the market is worth more than the rest of the market put together.

Windows 8 was obviously the most touch orientated version of Windows and would be fine for your average touch TV but the truth is that people do not want a touch screen TV. The bother of having to stand up to change channel and the risk of the kids breaking the screen or knocking the TV off of the wall are far too great. We need a remote control TV with Windows built in and with Windows 7 and 8 Media Centre that is exactly what we had. The system worked nicely with satellite or UHF and the recording and music features were nicely thought out considering it was a Microsoft product as this is not usually their strong suit. The graphics yes are a bit condescending to the user but the remote control was fine and with a wireless keyboard and mouse under the sofa you could start up Excel and get to work at a moments notice. But this is not what you want from a TV in your living room.

But the truth is you want your TV to be well thought out. Better thought out than Microsoft do ergonomically or stylistically, in short, you want a TV made by Apple. Now that Apple have become the new Bang and Olufsen they need to start making the products that no one else can. We need a range of Apple TVs that work on gesture and that can surf the web as easily as they can receive TV. An app for the iPad and iPhone would do away with the need for a remote and quite simply provide what we all need - a giant iPad for the living room wall. Everyone knows how to use them and the market would surely be a pushover for the electronics giant. No fingerprints or people getting in the way, just a great 4K experience controllable from the interface we all know and love. We would like some storage capability of course - a lighting connector and iSCSI would be very nice for starters but I am sure Apple could add a few extra goodies to keep their ethos and success intact.

Please Apple - I want my new TV!

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