DrayTek 2830 / 2830v2 to Watchguard Firebox XTM 26 11.7 IPSec VPN

Watchguard XTM26 to DraytTek Vigor 2930 IPSec VPN Firstly let's set-up the Watchguard XTM Firebox: I

Watchguard XTM26 to DrayTek Vigor 2830 / 2830v2 IPSec VPN

Firstly let's set-up the Watchguard XTM Firebox:

In  this example I am going to use the software management system rather than the browser but either will suffice if you stick to the correct encryption and key properties.

Start your policy manager by logging into your Firewall and selecting Policy Manager. Then click on the Branch Office Gateways option from the menu so that you are presented with the following:

Watchguard Gateways Dialogue Box

Click the 'add' button to open the Gateways properties box to enter the details:

Watchguard Firebox new Gateway Dialog

In the above example we are using a shared key. Once entered (this must be identical to the shared key we are to enter in the DrayTek) click the 'add' button bottom right to enter the gateway endpoint:

Watchguard Firebox New Gateway Endpoints Dialog

In this example the external IP of the Watchguard is and the DrayTek is so we enter the relevant IPs and choose the external interface that we are using on the Firebox (the interface with the external IP we are entering in this box for the Firebox)

Say OK to close this dialog box

When back to the last box, click on the Phase 1 tab at the top to see the below where we configure the Phase 1 settings for our encryption:

Watchguard Firebox New Gateway Dialog 3DES Group 2

We shall tick the boxes for IKE keep alive and dead peer detection and then click 'Edit' at the bottom to edit the encryption choices:

Watchguard Firebox Phase One Transform Dialog

I am using the American Encryption Standard on an 8 hour time out but feel free to choose anything you like as long as you take note to make sure it is the same on the DrayTek.

Click OK to close the box and OK again to return us back to the Policy Manager screen

Once back to the Policy Admin screen click on the VPN menu and choose Branch Office Tunnels:

Watchguard Firebox Branch Office IPSec Tunnels Dialog

Click the 'add' button to create the IPSec tunnel:

Watchguard Firebox New Tunnel Address Dialog

Click the 'add' button to configure the tunnel:

Watchguard Tunnel Route Settings Dialog

Here we are adding the internal IPs for the local and remote domains. In this example we are using 192.168.x.x subnets and so we enter the local Firebox subnet and the remote DrayTek subnet with the /24 Class C subnet. Click OK to close.

Now choose the Phase 2 tab at the top of the last screen:

Watchguard New Tunnel Phase Two Settings Dialog

Tick the PFS (Perfect forward Secret) box and choose Group 5 as this is what we configure on the DrayTek.

In the above I have not altered the ESP-AES-SHA1 IPSec proposal as it is the one I wish to use but you may add a custom one if you choose.

Click OK to return to the other screen

Click close on the tunnel screen to return to policy manager and save the settings to the Firebox.

Now we will configure the DrayTek 2830 / 2830v2:

Log in to the web interface to begin:

DrayTek 2830 System Status Screen

Under the VPN section on the left, click on the LAN to LAN settings option:

DrayTek 2830 LAN to LAN VPN Screen

Click on the 1 hyperlink to open the LAN-to-LAN dialog:

DrayTek Vigor 2830 New LAN to LAN VPN

In the above I have ticked the enable box, ticked the always on box and chosen to accept NetBIOS traffic as it will be a Windows network. You will also need to click on the IKE Pre-shared key and enter the same key you entered into the Firebox. Now choose AES with authentication under IPSec and click on the 'advanced' button:

DrayTek Vigor IKE Advanced Settings

Choose the above options noting that we are matching the settings on the Firebox with an 8 hour timeout (28800 seconds) with AES 256 bit encryption VPN

DrayTek Vigor 2830 LAN VPN Advanced Settings

Choose IPSec as your tunnel type as you did on the top half of the screen and tick the 'specify remote VPN gateway' as in this case our Watchguard has a static address. We add the static address of the Watchguard WAN.

Also click the IKE pre-shared key button and enter the key again. Now enter the local and remote WAN and LAN

Once all the values have been entered you can say OK and the always on VPN should pickup immediately:

DrayTek Vigor LAN to LAN Status Up

The VPN comes up as an AES 256-bit tunnel and we can see if we ping from the Watchguard side of the VPN:

Successful VPN Ping from Watchguard

And on the system manager:

Watchguard Firebox VPN Status Up and Connected

Watchguard XTM26 to DraytTek Vigor 2830 IPSec VPN

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  • Hi, just a query, on the Draytek side you have the profile set to "Dial out" but you specify configuring the "Dial in" section of the profile (as well as the "dial out" section)

    Is this needed, as I understood this the "dial in" section would not be used if the profile was configured as "dial out".

    • If the system is set to Dial-out then yes you are absolutely right - the inbound would only be necessary if you had not set the 'Always On' option and 'Both' for direction and would simply allow the Watchguard to awaken the tunnel, however the DrayTek does sometimes fail to dial the connection and so having the system able to explicitly accept the Watchguard from a single IP is no security risk and tends to keep the connection more stable.

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