Bitcoin Rush - Legit or Scam?

If Bitcoin Rush was real, what would it mean? After all. Bitcoin Rush is ostensibly a financial superintelligence
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If Bitcoin Rush was real, what would it mean? After all. Bitcoin Rush is ostensibly a financial superintelligence. It requires no people to guide it, it just predicts the most volatile markets on Earth with a 99.4% accuracy rating. This must mean that it has a huge artificially intelligent computer that can see into the future somehow, as markets are never predictable. It doesn't matter how much you train an AI, it cannot see into the future. It can only learn to spot patterns, and although markets follow patterns in basic ways, that does not make them predictable because every purchase or sale affects the market in a new way. If Bitcoin Rush existed, it would change the market all the time and make it unpredictable in a new way. There is no way to always win on an unpredictable system, Bitcoin Rush is nonsense!

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So what would this mean, if Bitcoin Rush could really do this?

Well it would mean a few things:

  1. Money would very quickly become worthless as everyone could get it for free
  2. Money would be appearing from nowhere as no one is losing the money that Bitcoin Rush is magically creating meaning that money would become worthless
  3. Everyone would use Bitcoin Rush and it would be on the front of every newspaper and website
  4. No one would sell anything in shops anymore as no one would need any money
  5. No one would go to work and nothing would happen as no one would need any more money
  6. There would be nothing to buy because no one would be working to build or make anything

So as you can read, Bitcoin Rush is complete nonsense and cannot be real - it must be a scam!

Remember, there is no profit in us telling you that it is a scam, we cannot benefit. The only way to benefit from a scam is to promise people that it is real, but it isn't!

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